Courting in London

Hello all! I’ve been contemplating getting hitched for some time now, and have my eyes toward the celebrated artist’s model. Now, here’s the thing: I started that story ages ago and would rather like to begin again.

Would selecting the &quotcold feet&quot option allow me to restart, merely losing my progress? Or would it prevent me from going through with this romance ever again?

Perfectly fine. Selecting any of the ‘cold feet’ options will reset your progress back to 0, with only a tad bit of scandal for consequence. You’ll just have to draw the appropriate card again to rekindle the romance.

The only way to permanently lock yourself out of a romance is to acquire the &quotBitter Parting&quot quality, which comes from the same card that allows you to start a romance.

Thanks ever so much! Consider yourself invited to the event of the season :)
edited by Schmidt on 12/29/2015