Court and Cell: The Constables

So quite a while ago (about six months maybe?) I decided to align myself with The Constables, and have been Closest To them for a while. However I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that the card Court and Cell: The Constables had not appeared in my deck for a very long time. I still have 27 connected, but I have had… less reputable dealings, as of late.

Investigating with scholars has showed no necessity for a prerequisite low suspicion, so I am in quite a pickle as to why my important associates are in such low contact with me! Ladies and gentlemen, does it seem like just a run of bad luck? Or has there been a rule about suspicion added that I missed the memo on?

(P.S. I’m posting this here because I’m not convinced it’s a bug, I think it may just be bad luck, so I didn’t want to bother the team with it quite yet. I do say, the constables are quite busy after all! Don’t always have time for freelancers. If the mods/admins want me to submit a bug for it, by all means please inform me!)[li]

Very likely just bad luck, I’m afraid. If all else fails, you can always summon the card via Favourable Circumstances at your Lodgings.

Bad luck. The hatebeast rears its ugly head yet again.

Ach, the dreadful hatebeast! Scourge of dice, killer of cards, and rabid monster of pseudo-random computer games. If only one could slay such a beast…

I’ll try Favourable Circumstances if I get a few more weeks of this. I have to say it’s rather amusing that The Docks comes up probably once or twice a day compared to The Constables. Perhaps the sailors are trying to convert me. ;P

Fate has heard my complaining! Huzzah! The constables have allowed me a visit! I shall refrain from sampling their pastry box this time.