Couldn't find a better place: A forum suggestion

So, since it seems we can no longer posts things in the main Echo Bazaar forum, only in the subsections, I’m posting this here. I’d appreciate it if links could show up as a different color to differentiate themselves from normal text? I’ve had issues in the past noticing that there even is a link to click in the first place.

Seconded! Sometimes I changed to HTML to substitute the link with a text, only to realize it wasn’t different from normal text, so it didn’t seem a link at all (at that point, deleting everything and providing the full link as it was) T.T

Also about the smileys: I don’t really feel the need for personalized ones, but wouldn’t it be possible to disable them altogether, so that if I write a colon and a round bracket it is displayed as a colon and a round bracket instead of :) ?

I kinda like the fact that you can pothole things into your post and it would not be obvious at first glance, you can put easter-eggs in your own forum posts. Though I completely agree with the smileys, we could just use generic ones if noone wants to create a smiley-set around the Exceptional Hat (though I’d really like to see one, as a creative excercise if nothing else…)

Irrelevant but another suggestion: Since the threads in the “announcements” section of the forums are locked, perhaps a separate section to discuss recent changes?

Another random suggestion. I pretty much live by the “unread topics” view. It would make it a lot easier to find the things I’m interested in if it showed the forum/subforum the post is from.

For example, I find it confusing to have Night Circus posts mixed in with the EBZ ones, without any kind of identifier. And it would be nice to be able to distinguish the in character posts from the general discussion. Et cetera.

I’ve created a new suggestion in the feedback forum around additional features for this site. Assuming it passes moderation, it will be here: if folks want to add votes to it. Feel free to comment with additional requested features.

It’s possible that all but, er two, of those suggestions is based on the forum package and they may have no control over that. Several posts are stickied so I know our lovely moderators do have that power. And they may decide to let the forum users create the discussion threads on announcements as that is what has occurred previously, although perhaps we could do better with our titling…


[color=#330099]Discussion threads on announcements are certainly a good idea for keeping everyone’s ideas and thoughts channelled into one place.[/color]

[color=00ffff]Forum improvements are on our list, but below a lot of other things at the moment (like more new content). Woogawoman’s feedback forum thread would be an excellent place to collate suggestions. Like MaurnaFrost said, some will be possible and some probably won’t, but if they’re all in one place it makes them easier to track, assess and implement.[/color]
[color=00ffff]A couple of other points that were raised:[/color]

  • [color=00ffff]We already can do stickies - there’s already a number of sticky threads. If you think a thread is a candidate for stickification (IT’S A WORD!) talk to Alys Indigo.[/color][/li][li][color=00ffff]Links looking like normal text is infuriating, I know. I’ve been underlining them, which at least makes them a bit more obvious.[/color][/li][li][color=00ffff]We’re totally happy with people starting discussion threads on new content releases, but we’d rather they were in the Bazaar to keep the Announcement forum and threads themselves uncluttered. Remember that bugs reports should go to and suggestions to the feedback forum, though, or it’s easy for us to miss them.[/color]

True. I’d never heard of “Jitbit” before this, being mostly used to php/mysql-based free forums. Perhaps there are not that many .NET forums out there to choose from. A quick glance at the Jitbit web site does seem to indicate they have things like a rating/reputation system, default avatars (and gravatars) and a Q&A feature. But I couldn’t find anything about customizing layouts, and the list of configuration variables is not very extensive, so you are probably right.

Still, it never hurts to collect suggestions/ideas. smile

Ignore the thread above. When I try to create a new thread (or even a reply using the “Add Reply” link instead of quick reply), the site just takes me to a blank form. Does anyone have advice for how to fix this?

I’m on Firefox for Mac. I tried removing some cookies from this website but it didn’t help.

I’ve been having to use chrome when That happens (its not even consistent about it!). Would like to hear if someone else has a better solution.

It’s consistently happened for weeks for me (unless I’ve just been unlucky at the times when I forget to use quick reply.)