Costume Ideas.

So there’s some anime convention going on in DC in a month and I’ve decided I want to go. I’m thinking I might just go as DR. Mcninja because I already have the costume and it seems appropriate. Now that I’m thinking about t I think I want to go as something super obscure and American. SO I decided on the Shadow. Then I realized its going to be impossible to find a fedora that big with out having it special ordered. So does anyone here have a even more ridiculous idea I could wear? Noting that I can probably spend 300$ max on this.

Hm, Glasgow was full of big fedoras about a month ago, odd that there are none in DC. I’d say go for Dr.McNinja, since you already have the costume and everything. :D The only other thing I could recommend is going as Pyramidhead, but he’s a bit of an acquired taste. =/

My favorite move going to convnetions is to completely invent an outfit, then claim that I am cosplaying as a character from a show that does not actually exist and see how far you can get before someone calls you out on it, bonus points if you manages to enter a cospaly competition with it…

If you got a lady-companion, I’d suggest going as Team Rocket, those where my heroes as a kid, and the costume is relatively simple. (This is one where attitude matters, my own Team rocket cosplay was shitty as hell, but I made up for it by my acting.)

If you ant something really obscure, I suggest gonig as one of these: or any of Ursula Vernons characters really, she’s my favorite artist.

Or, if you can pull of a drag performance, go as the girl in my avatar, Yoko Tsuno, a character from a series of criminally underrated european sci-fi comics:

Crazy enough for you?