Cosplay props(would anyone mind giving input?)

Hello! I started playing Fallen London this year, and I’m enjoying it immensely, enough that I want to cosplay a character next year. I’ve started making some props that are pretty easy to figure out size wise, but I’d also like to take some bottles too. Glass bottle props aren’t allowed(safety issue), and I’d rather have them look closer to the Bazaar’s images of them, so it’s turn them out of wood, or build them out of papier mache. When you think of the Tincture and Laudanum etc. how big do you think they should be? Palm size? Hand size? Super appreciate any input!

I always imagined the Tincture of Vigour as a rather small flask, hand-sized.
Laudanum, tho, is a whole other story. I always though of it as having a really long thin neck that you hold it by, with the wide part of the bottle hanging below.

P.S. The above is purely headcanon, I haven’t looked up pictures of real life victorian tinctures and laudanum bottles. You should, though.