Correspondence Symphony Grind

Greetings, fellow Londoners! I am currently attempting to increase my Correspondence knowledge as quickly as possible because of the many interesting opportunities of the season it affords. I have, however run into a small problem and I was hoping to garner some good advice.

I’m feverishly composing symphonies of the Correspondence in the Court, and because of the austerity of my lifestyle find that, allowing for one or two minor failures, I can reliably use Organ Recitals and Mortification of the flesh to inspire me to complete the symphony within 30 actions. I am curious, however, if there is a quicker way to inspire myself reliably without leaving the court, or a better place to study the correspondence.

Also a consideration is that this path costs an average of 180 jade and provides a profit of 30 echoes, slightly less than one per action, so a path that gives better return on my time investment would be appreciated.

Depends. The highest amount of Inspiration/Action comes from the option that opens at Connected: Revolutionaries 15. It doesn’t cost any CP of your connections, but even on success you get 1 point of Suspicion. Still, if you have a supply of Ablution Absolution and a high enough Persuasive, it’s pretty efficient.

Many thanks. My personality sadly is not strong enough yet to make that option a sure thing, but I will keep it in mind for the future.

Although I used the connections: Church route with Austerity that you mentioned, if you also have a high connections: Bohemian, you can enjoy a similar success rate.

“The lead” is pretty efficient at 15CP per success if your Persuasive is high enough.