first off, i dont know how correspondence works. since a sigil is a complete sentence, i assume the lines and curves is the words or letters and each complete lines/curves make up a sigil that has a complete sentence containing those words in the lines.

i tried something different with the correspondence. why not make art with them ?. in languages that uses non-alphabet letters (and its derivations), there is some kind of calligraphy which uses those letters to make up art. then there is kanji in japan, which is made up of component letters.

im not an art guy myself. all i just do is combine several sigils into one. the only good original one that i made is The Mayan face (the first image). i created this using Drawception website’s free draw mode, so the drawings are simplistic

here is some that i made (make sure there is no flammable stuff around you:p):

maybe someone who has art experience. maybe you can create better correspography than these ones. (sorry if the picture is too big)
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upon loading the pictures, the whole computer fizzles and shuts down with great amount of sparkling, leaving owner with a smell of burnt plastic and a few strands of grey in hair

Not bad. I only got my eyes itching.

On a bit more serious note, you may want to make use of spoilers, as not everyone is happy about looking at huge black-on-yellow correspondence-related sigils with no prior warning.

lol i forgot about the effects of correspondence. edited the post.

my eyes actually starts to hurt when looking for canon correspondence.
there were fanon correspondence, which is basically extremely stylized unintegillible alphabet. my mind stalled when looking for some sense on them. i got correspondence-related dreams, where my teacher asked us to translate these 'graphy to english.

What did you do?! Where are all my Rattus companions? Albino, Working Rat, where are you?

Nice sketches! I took the liberty of retracing the first one with Inkscape’s calligraphy tool, and with the red outline it almost looks official.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know if Samsung’s tablet warranty covers incendiary damage?
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Wow, that looks really cool!

oooohhhh wow. that was awesome, and creepy at the same time.
well, it seems im gonna dream more about correspondence with that face haunting me. might do another sketches using letters that havent been used.

s for the samsung problem: you get a different type of &quotburn&quot. instead of fire, the correspondence will &quotburn&quot into your screen, the pixels forming the correspondence will be stuck on your screen. so everytime your screen is turned on, the correspondence will always be shown on your screen. you still can use your device normally, but the correspondence cannot be removed and will be watching you, bleeding your eyes.

(not seriously, im making up stuff. but &quotburnt pixel&quot is a real thing. you might dont want to leave your device screen on with a picture of correspondence for a very long amount of time or the story will be real. btw it doesnt cover incendiary damage)
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[quote=MrUnderhill89]Nice sketches! I took the liberty of retracing the first one with Inkscape’s calligraphy tool, and with the red outline it almost looks official.


But it looks like a cat face xDDD

『@ @]
. ∀/;

i made some more sketches !.

the first two were more like connected letters but the third one is different.
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Why, it’s an integral, an oddly-shaped limit of sums of an integral (I can even see a delta) and what looks like a value of said limit given its parameter goes North.
And it’s pure coincidence I’m stuck in Mirror-Marches again.

I hope you don’t mind a touch of recolouring.

its better if you redraw it from scratch though. mine are just some sketches and not meant to be finished drawing unlike the OP. the coloring is cool but the way ‘i’ draw it makes it a bit uncanny. (as in unprofessionally professional)

But you are the OP :P

I was processing other photos and figured I might snatch one and throw it in to see what comes out. And one could always say that the shakiness is more authentic for the typical Correspondent ;)

i know im the OP. what i mean is the first four pictures are finished drawings. the three sketches are just ‘sketches’. maybe try some deep dream image proccessing to these 'graphy.

Y’all gonna summon Judgements to the forums. Stop before it is too late. On the other hand, I am contemplating making a wig out of rats. All my hair fell off.

thats a good thing. because it will increase sales in hats to cover people baldness lol. the hats will dominate neath !. be bald or wear hat !. dunno about wigs but whatever. also, sorrow spiders will become extinct. if thats even a good thing.

btw im examining the &quotStarstone Demark&quot. there is more letters that i dont know !. there is more to know !.
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If I’ve passed my Scholar of the Correspondence challenge, you’ve just said:

“To embrace an uninvited guest in service of another’s plan”

“A howl with an unremembered beginning”

“A prediction carved in a reflection”

“Legalize weed 420”

Damn, that last one always seems to show up when someone starts waving sigils around.