Contest: The Lost Souls of Lovers

Hello all,

To celebrate this season of love and my continuing gathering of souls, I’m going to run a bit of a contest. The prize is a Well Song sung of lost love. (Note to mods - I tried to find if there was any rules about contest runs by players, didn’t find anything. If this is not allowed, just let me know and I’ll remove this).

Contest Rules:

  1. Each player may put a single number in a comment below. This number can be editted at any time between the contest’s beginning and 9:00PM EST on Monday Feb. 15th. Any entries edited after that time will be ignored
  2. The closest number to the amount of souls in my possession on Wednesday Feb. 17th at 9pm
  3. If you do not have a link to your profile in your signature, please put one in your entry

Hints to give you an idea of where the number might be:
At time of writing, I am currently at 1796609 souls
On an average day outside of events, I normally get around 4,000 to 5,000 souls per day
You can check my number of souls in my profile at any time
I will not be accepting any social actions or gifts during this period

Happy guessing and my the Lady of RNG favor your guess


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1818000 (should i win, however unlikely that may be, can i have an amber mask instead, or is that rude of me to ask for?)
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I was very tempted to answer &quot1, or 0 if you sold it to the Intimate Devils&quot.

This only counts regular Souls, and not higher tier ones, like Brilliant Souls, Silent Sols, Coruscating Souls, Judgement Eggs, etc, right?
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[table][tr] [td]1819109[/table]

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As tempting as it is to just put 3 in the hopes that you sell them all on Tuesday. I’m going with 1817261,
I would like to go back to 3.
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1000 - yup, you’re going to sell them all for cash!