constantly amazed at how deep the game is

my reminder for the day: the description of Phosphorescent Beetles includes the phrase &quotEvidence of Londoners’ inordinate fondness for beetles&quot. J.B.S. Haldane, a well known British naturalist and biologist, when asked what could be determined about the Creator from the study of creation said &quotan inordinate fondness for beetles&quot.

Stumbling across references like this in the middle of random snippets of flavor text always makes me wonder how many thousands of them I miss. Anyone else have favorite moderately obscure references they would like to bring to the attention of the boards?

Though hardly obscure, I am quite enjoying the twist on the story of Deadlus and Icarus in the “Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus” story line. Normally, Icarus is associated with the sun, flying too close, and falling to his death. Yet here he appears in FALLEN London, where he “longs for the deep places”. I’m quite intrigued!

Not exactly what this topic was started for, but related in talking about how &quotdeep&quot the game is… I’ve been wondering whether you can actually run out of things to achieve in Fallen London? I’ve been playing on and off for months now, with stats in the 70’s-80’s range, and still feel I’ve barely scratched the surface, particularly when perusing some of the threads on this forum. Is there a ceiling to this game? A point where you’ve maxed out your stats and played all the storylines?

I max out my stats every week after I visit the Nadir and drop them and I still haven’t done everything there is to do. They keep adding new things and there are things that I have missed along the way. Also there are some things, like write every type of short story, I intend to do but I just haven’t got around to yet.

&quotall shall be well and the manner of thing shall be well&quot is evidently a quote from a 14th century anchoress, Julian of Norwich. This freaking game, friends
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i think some of the early wikia writters for echo bazaar ,when it was still echo bazaar and not fallen london, did reach the content limit. but that was years ago when the stat limit was 60, and the actions were like 80/day???

and the 4 ambitons haven’t been completely written yet… unlikely to completed soon since they’re suppose to span the lifespan of your character.

The Calendar Council is probably a riff from “the man who was Thursday”. The thought of it scares me.

[color=000000]Failbetter has been preoccupied with Sunless Sea; setting up and supporting a good video game is no easy feat for any company. Once things settle down I am sure they will put their minds back towards Fallen London. Besides an update in content, they have no doubt pondered on how to bring Fallen London into a larger market - perhaps even as an app you can play on your cell phone. With all the content they have put out in Sunless Sea I am sure they will utilize some overzee locations for the Ambitions.

Imagine playing the Marvellous in some dingy teahouse in the New Khanate [Heart’s Desire] or perhaps seeking a way to kill the Vake in the Chelinate [Bag a Legend!] and you’ll understand my excitement for such a prospect. At this point I will put down money for a Kickstarter if that’s what it takes to continue my hunt for the Vake![/color]

As for the depth of Fallen London, although I have hit most areas and am fully familiar with most others, there are still places I will not tread. Unlike some of the maniacs on this forum I dare not Seek the Name. No good will come of that!

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but not just the things like ambitions and story lines the developers and writers of fallen london have added so many rare and hidden secrets in the stories of the neath i doubt we have found at least one millionth of them. Things though will always be there to be discovered like if anyone can actually get hesperidean cider or finish SMEN and what lays beyond the locked &quotImpossible!&quot story lets.

Fallen London is so much of an enigma that things that seem so arbitrary and simple have a deeper subtext and some even go as far as to relate to books and factual events it is truly amazing[li]
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We have found a millionth of them. There’s 538 incomplete pages on the wiki (a lot of these are incomplete because they’re missing a failure or such), in addition to all the ones we haven’t discovered yet. Impossible options aren’t implemented yet, so there’s probably nothing behind them (But you’re right, we don’t know that). There are also people who have bought cider, so there’s that. There is a lot of lore and such, among other things that we haven’t found yet/haven’t noticed, though.
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I was skim-reading Passing English of the Victorian Era, an Edwardian compilation of Victorian terminology, and came across this:

It all sounds frightfully familiar … wait …

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There’s also some really random stuff. I was reading an article about hydroelectric dams on Wikipedia and it turns out that the penstock is the the intake for the turbine (obviously earlier it would have referred to watermills), and there’s a wicket at the opening to screen out solid objects.