Connoisseur of Neathly Delight Capped!

Just sent an invite to meet a friend in the House of Chimes, and it appears the devs have decided to cap CND at 5 for visits there. Which raises all sorts of amusing implications…

– Mal

Time the Healer drops your Connoisseur quality by 1cp if it’s at 10. And I also believe that the universal cap is 10, the Honey Dens of Veilgarden only increase it up to 10 anyways (I think I tested doing the things with Parabolan Linen or a Searing Enigma on the respective lodgings cards to test the cap and they were also 10, if the wiki says, it was probably me).

So, question: what good is CND? Can we do anything with it?

Well, you need it at 7 to trade for Tears of the Bazaar or M_____'s B___d on the Presumptuous Little Opportunity.