A bit ago, I was talking to a friend and noting that in my experience, it’s easiest to get Connection in the Church/Hell areas, but the most profit from your connections is probably in the Urchins/Docks/Widow knot, and how it was kind of cunning of Failbetter to make it cost Wounds to move connection from where the faucet was widest to where the sink was most valuable.

This led me to want to see the full web of Connections, and the various things you can do with each. So, ignoring one-shot things and pre-POSI grinds, I made this:

I post it here in case it is of interest to anyone, but what I came away from it with was that connections just aren’t all that useful. You need enough to do all the item conversions, but those cost 2/5/10/20 CP. The only favors worth doing is Urchins. I still use the Salon for MW a lot, so I basically get a lot of Church and Hell, transfer it to Bohemians and Urchins, use Urchins/Widow/Docks for Acacia/Butterfly and Fisher Kings when I’ve sold my soul, and transfer TC and Rubbery over to Society, and turn Society and Bohemians into Scheme. I guess I could have included the 100 Society to do the Private Auction, but that’s not very commonly a great action choice, I think.

So, I post it because I bothered to make it, but my takeaway is that it probably wasn’t worth making. :) (Oops, I realize now that I forgot to put the wound in the TC/RM connection. If anyone actually wants this to be made useful I might add that and increase the font size.)

Favours for proscribed material might be a use for revolutionaries, if you’re in need of proscribed material or inklings of identity (such as for the Feast of the Rose)
Otherwise I agree; removing your connections removes a lot of cards as well; especially now that both the rubbery and hell actions like &quotattend a ceremony&quot require connected 1 to show up.
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i think you forgot to note that most of the factions except duchess/rubbery/colleges/criminals can be easily cashed in at various 2nd-tier locations if you have 15 quality in them.

If you mean “calling in favors”, I did not bother to include any of those except the Urchins, as for the most part you can get more value (or at least approximately the same value) out of a single action in Unfinished Business.
Given how much white space I wound up with, though, I could add a few more of the less-efficient/useful drains.

Benthic and Summerset should probably be mentioned too since they’re used in item conversions.

Also all the non-flit/non society at court calling in favours storylets give 2.4 echoes of stuff which, assuming you want to spend a connection is definitely better than Unifinished Business on average.