Connected: The Masters and Closest To The Masters

Okay I’m curious: What do these do, and how can I get them. i have connected 1 right now and halfway to 2.

Plus, being in league with them can give me a lot of power. To ally or betray? i know not yet. (Evil grin)

You can’t become closest to the Masters at this time. The connection works like a lot of other connections - you gain points by doing them favours and that unlocks certain options in the game. One reliable way of getting it is to turn over a whole lot of books to Mr Pages, preferably the good ones. That’s more of a late game action, though. The Christmas event is really nice for getting a few points in that connection as well.

The easiest way is just to side with them in the various one off plotlines or do stuff for them (“ascending the reliables of mr pages” sort of thing), but you run out of those eventually. At which point you’re stuck with the donating to mr pages.