Connected: The Docks with no Dangerous?

I’ve been playing a while and am trying to get my ship to progress in Shadowy ambition. I’m on the last step, but rather than raise my Dangerous from 5 to 100 I paid the fate to become a person of some importance. Is there a reasonable way to raise my Connected: The Docks without it? I have roughly 100 Watchful, 110 Shadowy, and 130 Persuasive with the correct pants applied. As it stands I’ve raised my connected to 10 so far with the Carnival.
edited by podunk on 6/16/2014

You’ll want to play the Docks faction card whenever it turns up, and use conflict cards to your benefit. Easiest one to use for that purpose is Urchins/Docks. You can also rewrite a collection of sea-shanties in the Singing Mandrake, or if you don’t want to use up resources you could hop into the Empress’ Court to write a Patriotic Adventure (novel) or compose a Newly Arranged Folk Song.

Thanks, now that I have that connected I’m seeing that urchin card. I should probably have mentioned I am unwelcome at Court and can no longer pursue any of those storylets. : )
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Ah, alright. At least the one at the Singing Mandrake is still a decent option, even if it does cost 2 Memories of Distant Shores and 2 Zee-Ztories each time. I wish you good luck in your cards! That’s truly the best way to do it.

You can also buy an Engraved Pewter Tankard at the Bazaar to raise the connection to 20 (or more with Fate)

Good luck getting your ship, once you have it you can raise connected Docks on one of the final choices at Mutton Island but I must say that zailing without dangerous will be quite difficult. Though not impossible as there are cards that don’t challenge stats but it all depends on which cards turn up.

Good luck pursuing your ambition anyway

After thinking for a while
If you get the Docks card - buy them drinks
If you flip cards in Wolfstack Docks there is a non-discardable card Wolfstack in the Fog which has four options dependent on your airs of London - one of them will raise docks if you get a room for the drunk.

Just for note - having a Dangerous patron may be useful for increase your stat rapidly, if you like.