Connected: Rubbery Men - effects? uses? etc?

Sorry if this has been brought up before - I’ve looked as thoroughly as I know how, via the site’s search function and also google, but I’m new to the forums (fora?) - but I’m wondering about the Connected: Rubbery Men quality.

I’ve been enamored of the Rubbery Men and their storylines since I began playing, and just now reached level 50 in my Connected quality. I know there’s some Fate-locked content on Flute Street (which I’m planning on pursuing when I have some money to buy Nex), but do you actually need more than, say, level 30 in Connected to unlock any options? Do new Opportunity Cards become available? Storylets? Anything?

It’s always fun to see when the new nonsense message appears when you hit a new level threshold (50 to ?? is something like !akatathkatat! - not bothering to check, sorry - and before that it was otharotharoth! or similar) but I’m curious if this diehard loyalty eventually results in anything besides the satisfaction of loyalty itself.

Also, what’s the frequency of the Rubbery Men &quotClosest To&quot card, whatever it’s called? I’m currently closest to Bohemians, but I’d much rather pick the Rubbery Men, just because I like them so much. (And does that card have any career opportunities, like the Criminals does, with Enforcer, or Bohemians, with Journalist or Author, etc etc?)

On a completely unrelated note, I was browsing one of the wikis for various companions because I’m kind of in the &quotgotta catch 'em all&quot mindset, and I noticed that oh my god there’s a dog I want it how do I get it - but it looks like it’s rare, and only occurs at lower levels? Does anyone else have a dog companion?

I think you mean the Haunted-Looking Dog: you need to not have a Salt Weasel or Rubbery Euphonium, and keep drawing cards in Veilgarden until you get lucky enough to draw the rare card which gives it to you. (You can only have one of these three pets, each of them requires a rare card from a specific location)

There is also the Hungover Terrier, which is the Bohemian “Connected Pet”. Much easier dog to get.

You need higher than 25 in all four stats to draw the card for the rare pets like the Haunted-Looking Dog.

The Rubbery Men doesn’t have a faction card like the Bohemians do. They are also not available for the Closest to faction choice, as they don’t need to struggle for money. What you see here is what you get- other factions are not selectable despite being shown.

Most story don’t require high level connections at all, and the main challenge with Connection is that the repeatable one are consuming Connections faster than you can earn them - namely Docks and Criminals, where you can usually earn a few CP at best but consume hundreds of CP in one go repeatedly for resources hard to acquire.

Rubbery Men connections are rarely used, however - you get chance to make friends with them slowly, and short of murdering them you are earning their Connection faster than you can spend. Flute Street raise it even higher. Most Rubbery Men cards are unlocked at level 5.

I don’t think the Jabez Dawe meant the haunted-looking dog as there is also a Fate-locked dog associated with the Rubbery Men, you will find it in Flute Street.

If you want all the pets you will need to get to Theological Husbandry and purchase the Fate-locked story.

Edit - the rare pets,of which the haunted looking dog is one,are mutually exclusive as are the connected pets. So unfortunately you can’t get all the pets.
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[quote=The Jabez Dawes]
I’ve been enamored of the Rubbery Men and their storylines since I began playing[/quote]

[color=#e53e00]The rubbery men are the BEST.[/color] [color=FFFFFF]<-- said in my voice of authority which means it must be true.[/color]

[quote=babelfishwars][quote=The Jabez Dawes]
I’ve been enamored of the Rubbery Men and their storylines since I began playing[/quote]

[color=rgb(229, 62, 0)]The rubbery men are the BEST.[/color] [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]<-- said in my voice of authority which means it must be true.[/color][/quote]

The only thing is… they are terribly, terribly susceptible to stab wounds. I know this, from extensive experience.