Connected Limit?

Basically I’m just curious as to what the Connected … limit is. For example, my Connected Society is at 132 and still going.

There’s no limit to Connected (there are people with Connected: Society over 10000).

However, everything is moving over from Connected to Renown, and Renown is capped at 50.

Fun fact: renown isn’t actually capped at 50. It just becomes nearly impossible to raise at that point. Barselaar currently has renown docks 52 :P. (And yes, FBG knows about this and said they don’t have a problem with it, but there will be no benefits)
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Wow. I didn’t know that anyone has managed it.

Is there any benefit at all to raising renown past 40? I was wondering why people seemed to be trying to get theirs to 50, despite the last item being available at 40.

Bragging rights, like anything that actually matters ;D

Wow. I didn’t know that anyone has managed it.[/quote]

He replayed flint…alot…

Kukapetal, no mechanical benefits yet. But it’s a soft cap and it comes with its own quality description so for those reasons people use it as a mark of accomplishment
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Good to know I don’t have to send myself into screaming fits of frustration once I’ve gotten the final connected item then :P Thanks everyone!