Confused About A State of Confusion

I find myself in a State of Confusion even though I have 11 Memories of Light. Is there any way to get out with my dreams intact?

As I remember, there is a card that can get you to the mirror marches, I wasn’t there for a while though so correct me if im wrong.

I forget the text, but the card about you burning your mirror will indeed send you to the Marches. If you go to the Marches you will keep the majority of your dream qualities, IIRC you will lose Someone Is Coming but the rest stay good.

I believe that its fate locked.

Oh, that’s entirely possible Suinicide. My bad. Let me go check the wiki.

vanishes into the internet


I think she’s right. Doesn’t list fate-content of course, but the rest of the cards aren’t the one that sends you to the Mirror Marches.

I do apologize: I’m fairly free with my Fate, so I often don’t notice when something is fate-locked. I should not have recommended such an option to someone if I’d remembered it was so.

Thanks Suinicide, I appreciate corrections when I am wrong. I hate giving bad advice.

Thank you for all of the help. I found it, and I had just enough fate to use it. I really appreciate it as I’ve worked hard on my dreams!

Oh, wonderful! I’m glad it worked out for you.