Confirmation: The Bawdy Cardsharp is in the game

How likely are we to see him again in the future?

You won’t keep me from my half-conspiracy theory half-fan fiction theorising! What if he can only be drawn by someone sufficiently Bawdy? Quick, everyone! Get your rudest knickers!

Summon Mr Most Hedonistic! He is our only hope.

Also this bears the question: is there a DIFFERENT rarerestest card Alexis confused with the Cardsharp?

So what’s Way Down In The Hole?
edited by Optimatum on 4/20/2016

Bu-bu-but… does that mean… there might not be anything for feeding enough Cider to a goat, either? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? D:

It’s a developer storage area for retired storylets and cards, as well as other storylets that don’t belong in regular areas. Generally speaking, you can’t travel there without something like a Key of Dreams.

What about going Way Down In(to) A Sack, would that get us there? Rather since the super old Sacks storylet might very well already be retired to that Hole, maybe there’s potential for an infinite loop of going into a hole through a sack :P

Ah, I remember going for a tumble in Mr Sacks’ Sack, rummaging around in the dark to see what I could unwrap… don’t mind me, folks; just trying to be Bawdy enough to summon the Cardsharp.

[color=#e53e00]… I couldn’t stop laughing at the word ‘balls’ for a few days around Christmas. I was probably tired.[/color]