Confidently Smiling Your way to Persuasiveness?

My stats are a bit lopsided since I rarely play Persuasive challenges (It’s 86 while my other stats are in the 100s. I used Persuasive items to pass the stat’s POSI challenge). On the plus side, I managed to hoard a lot of Confident smiles.

My question is, would it be useful to simply burn my Smiles away until I get to the 100s or should I grind as usual? If so, on what stat levels should I focus on training using Second Chances (If that’s necessary at all).[li]

I found that to be a good use. On the other hand, I had well over 600 Smiles, and still have well over 500 despite using them for Nadir recovery every time and some ultra-hard Persuasive challenges (mostly also Nadir).

My main and my alt both have at least 200 Smiles after stat-capping Persuasive. In truth, this is because of the original implementation of Notability. I’d still recommend using Smiles for Persuasive though.

Well if I can gather that much Smiles during my character’s career like you guys then perhaps I can be a bit less strict with my Smiles use.

You are better off using them anyway, just save around 8 for the rare challenge that you don’t want to fail, or trade in stuff in the Nadir. Current social action implementation caps the number of smiles you can accumulate, so just use them!

Yeah, we all basically accumulated our Smiles while inviting one another to copious dinners.