Confess Thy Sins!

What is a sin? Anything that you feel was sinful. Here are mine:

I spared the Repentant Forger on the final step of Secrets Framed in Gold. Knowledge requires sacrifice. I will not show such weakness again.

I bombed a building because the revolutionaries paid me to do it. I am not in favour of blowing up the sky. Now I am cursed with this stupid card for all time.

I was not a big fan of Flint. I didn’t hate it and I really liked the lore. But the actual act of playing the story felt like making a string of fairly arbitrary decisions without the context or setup that would make them interesting. I did enjoy when those bees tried to use me as a hive though.

I’ve assisted the Cheesemonger. Just because killing half of your current closest to faction seemed fun and cool.

I immediately went for the Yacht. Instead of properly exploring the Zee, I’ve spent weeks trying to get the fanciest ship.

I didn’t make an Acquaintance: the Captivating Princess during FotER. And just got all the 10 Masquing companions.

I didn’t help the Princess in the Gift. Now some rando captain is reminding me of this failure with a card in my Opp deck. I don’t even have a use for Docks favours from it.
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I’ve freed a One-Time Prince of Hell, though I’m not - yet - regretting it since I don’t - yet - know what it will do…

I beat up the Wilting Dandy. I… wish that there was a way to replay that story.

I was so mad about getting kicked out of the university that when I got the Provost as a feast companion, I named him “Lousy in Bed” and stuck him up on my mantelpiece for everyone to see.

I know it accomplished nothing, but it felt so good :P

[quote=Kukapetal]I was so mad about getting kicked out of the university that when I got the Provost as a feast companion, I named him &quotLousy in Bed&quot and stuck him up on my mantelpiece for everyone to see.

I know it accomplished nothing, but it felt so good :P[/quote]

I saw that! I was wondering what the story for that was.

I got kicked out of The Gift for nicking a few jewels. I can’t help but feel I missed out on a lot more stuff that I would have seen if I showed a bit more restraint.

I didn’t read much of the text when I first started playing Fallen London. I really don’t have any idea what the first few stages of my Ambition were about and I don’t even remember the Sprifer and the Pianist or other early stories like that.
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I have sinned, I killed a large portion of the game participants at the behest of the Cheesemonger.
I have sinned, in potentially damning everyone in London by agreeing to the Bishops plan for war.
I have sinned by blowing up the embassy at the behest of a radical group.
Worse I created the bifurcated owl and feed it regularly. Such a nice little abomination.

I have sinned. I did not have the patience to grind all the materials needed to obtain a Zubmarine and instead paid Fate for instant gratification.

I sold my dreadful surmise to buy an overgoat. This was folly of the highest order, and cost me a vial of lacre- admittedly, one that would have cost me ~1050 echoes, but i would have paid that.

My greatest sin was not sparing the Forger, actually, and now I’ll never get him back. (Yes, I know you can pay fate in prison to get him back, but I’m sticking to the consequences of this one).

I made a silly decision after the Nadir, and now [these words were blinded by irrigo]

Hey, that one is a good decision! You didn’t help further a monstrous plan, and now you have a steady source of the best option for Expedition supplies.[li]

I didn’t spare the Forger in Secrets Framed in Gold. Sure, I got him back on my next trip to New Newgate, and pushing him was probably for the best, but dang if I didn’t feel bad about it.

I wasn’t able to fulfill all my confessions during Hallowmas. Seriously, this one bothered me so much when it happened. I bit off more than I could chew, and while some probably didn’t mind, I hated that I couldn’t follow through with it.

I joined SMEN without the intention of completing it as my ending. If SMEN’s ending involves a complete ending for FL, I was planning to complete it to the last point of backing out without causing permanent damage. A bit hypocritical for a Seeker, I suppose.

I actually loved Five Minutes to Midday. A lot of people had their issues with it, and a few even hated it. But save for a few minor gripes, it was one of my favorite Exceptional Stories. I especially loved how If the Protestor’s message gets out after the explosion and the Embassy finally gets repaired, half of the watchers turn into a mob against the devils and would have torn the Embassy apart again if not for the Goat-Demons. It really felt like you made some change in the people of London, however minor it may seem. I even started getting emotional when a frail old man raised an oar with the help of others, demanding the freedom of his fellow man.
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I have sinned through my fault, my own fault, my own most grievous fault. I made a clumsy pass at the Numismatrix in the early days of my time here in Fallen London. She stormed out, never to be seen again, and to this day I have no idea what her story line involved.

Aside from the general waste of actions thorugh less eficent methods.

Selling a bunch of Antique Mysteries and a Trade Secret when I could have just traded it for a Searing Enigma and 5 Antique Mysteries for greater proffit.

Story wise basically skiping the entire story of The Once-Dashing Smuggler, I kinda regret it, but well I did it for RolePlaying mostly until I latter learned that he had a fairly good stroy behind him at the very least I still see him ocasinally at the tomb colonies.
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I was going to let Comtessa with the Clay Man. Fallen London is a weird place, who knows if statues could talk? But my character freaked out at the prospect of the girl living an eternal life she would regret, but not be able to end (something that is a little too close to her own situation) and broke her.

Boy, I would never think that a browser game would make me feel that guilty.

The whole Shadowy storyline was pretty much a sin on its own. While it’s technically possible for you to be a POSI and access any area without a high shadowy (just access Wilmot’s End using persuasive and pay fate to skip the Shadowy 100 stroll in Spite), I was not keen in paying real money for that, so I had to find a way to squeeze some burglaries in the Professor’s story. Some day, I think she will break the 4th wall with her cane and smack my head for making her do it.

Another sin that bothered me a little was (spoilers for Pentecost Predicament):

not letting Vespasian finish his book. But he had a spirifer fork in sight, and this is one of the sure ways to get the Professor to break you with gusto.

I Sought the Name.

Clicking without reading, especially during ES

I falsely accused the Consumptive Cryptozoologist so I could continue with my career at the University.

My non-Seeker alt has all the luck in the Forgotten Quarter. I ground up to the Nadir with my Seeker. Never saw a skull (I had to ask a kind third party for that). The most valuable thing I got on any of the expeditions was one bottle of Airag - the rest was mostly trembling amber. Which sells for all of 12.5 echoes and has no function whatsoever.

After doing all that, my non-Seeker had finally acquired enough Watchful to mess around in the quarter, and has since been buried in skulls and night-whispers. Night-whispers! On a plate!

What I’m saying is, I’m pretty sure the RNG is punishing me for having a non-Seeker alt here.