Comparing Notable Accomplishments

There’s been talk in other threads about notable accomplishments, and I wondered if my fellow players might be interested in comparing their progress with what others have achieved. It could be either a quality or an item, as long as you believe you have more than most of the players. Have a really high Ruthless ? Or enough honey to buy two reservations at the Royal Bethlehem? Let’s compare and see how you stack against others!

My own accomplishments are almost certainly not the grandest, but I was rather proud of a few things.

Touched by Fingerwork 33 (I don’t know if this increases in Polythreme, I haven’t been yet)
Approaching the Gates of the Garden 17
A Scholar of the Correspondence 9 (I really need to start the University storylets)
edited by RageBox Alice on 9/14/2012
edited by RageBox Alice on 9/14/2012

I think this caps at 10 now. If you’ve an ocelot, scratching it’s belly should bump you up to ten.

I do have an ocelot, but I’ve mostly bumped it through the Opportunity card “The Correspondence Savages Your Dreams” since I can never get my Nightmares below 2.

Yes, scholar of the correspondence caps at 10.

I don’t know where fingerwork and gates of the garden cap. Mine are 96 and 33 respectively.

For the most part, there is already a thread for this matter of thing, here:

Ah, hadn’t noticed that thread. Well, it was worth a shot.