Coming Soon: Election 1895

[color=#cc0099]Delicious friends! Sinning Jenny has graced Fallen London as its Mayor for a year. Soon, it will be her time to step down.

Our second ever Mayoral election will begin the 26th of June!

More information, including which daring citizens of the Neath will campaign to take her place, will be announced next week.

We cannot wait to see who you’ll support…[/color]

I am excited! Thoroughly excited!

It’s there some guide for this event?

Not that I know of, but since last year was the very first time an Election ever happened in Fallen London, I’m expecting FBG to refine the mechanics based on last year’s experience. So it likely won’t be exactly the same anyway.

That’s an interesting choice of phrasing, “Take her place.”

Are mayor’s not allowed to run again? And is this limited only to the subsequent year?

If you can only have one boat, one term isn’t such an unreasonable limitation. Besides, I think it’d be a bit boring to see the same candidate return, instead of getting all new ones.

[quote=Blaine Davidson]That’s an interesting choice of phrasing, &quotTake her place.&quot

Are mayor’s not allowed to run again? And is this limited only to the subsequent year?[/quote]
This phrasing can mean anything. Maybe the story will be that Jenny has had enough and wants to step away from politics. All we know is that there will be other candidates.

Here’s something I’ve been wondering: how will this affect the stories that Sinning Jenny has participated in as Mayor? The Empress’ Shadow, for instance, seemed to rely on that a lot. What happens when new players get those old stories? Will they simply have to suspend disbelief?

I don’t think the Empress’ Shadow actually mentions the word &quotmayor&quot in connection with Jenny at all - looks like the writers had this in mind.

Edit - also excited for this year’s event! Last year’s Election was one of the more exciting occasions in the Fallen London calendar.
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Yeah, I think Empress’s Shadow leans much more heavily on Jenny’s role as headmaster of the Finishing School and former battle-nun. If she retires (willingly or not) from politics to focus on the School and the Parlour, it still works.

Edit to Aside: I hope there’s an interesting card inside the Finishing School regarding the election once it’s underway.
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im cautiously exited my self seeing as how I’ve never been through this before. (like how the next season of nak will be for my self) I just hope my character can get personaly involved with his ruthless stat of 11 and heartless 10 there really is very little that he would be unwilling to do provided it benefit’s him.

Looking forward to the event too! Hope this time I will find someone to like as much as I liked last year’s choice.

The Neath needs Lord Buckethead!

I didn’t follow too closely the UK election, but didn’t he claim to be from outer space? Maybe he knows the Masters…

Very silly.

I didn’t follow too closely the UK election, but didn’t he claim to be from outer space? Maybe he knows the Masters…[/quote]
Is this a different person than the masked virtuoso thrash guitarist? The description from your post makes me suspect it’s someone different, but I’m still not quite certain.

Yeah, different guy. He’s a powerful galactic warlord with an odd habit of standing in UK general elections against the incumbent Prime Minister (in 1987, 1992 and last week).

Usually bad prime ministers. Though in John Major’s defense, he was mostly just ineffectual, not evil like the others.

This comes in the midst of my Notability grind, too. Well, it looks like I will be busy for the next two weeks (hopefully, they haven’t changed that particular part of election).

I know of both of these characters, though not sure I’d call the guitarist ‘thrash’. Definitely a virtuoso though, and also utterly bonkers, which is something he has in common with the comedy UK election candidate.

Powerful galactic warlord indeed: