Come back, Zinc!

So if a large chunk of the Neath’s copper comes from Polythreme and Hell’s chief export is brass, where did they get the zinc?

well according to wikipedia, some of the symptoms of Zinc deficiency include depressed growth, impotence, impaired appetite, and altered cognition. So perhaps they get their Zinc by Abstracting it?

/ooc OMG rofl

Souls = zinc?

probably not, more like zinc deficiency is a common ailment in fallen london that most people mistake for being Soulless. But I could definitely see the medical science of fallen london ‘progressing’ by first blaming the symptoms on Soullessness, then learning that it’s really caused by a lack of Zinc, and before you know it, outlandish newspapers are claiming that the zinc in souls is what gives infernal brass it’s warmth

You should follow the internal logic. Zinc is clearly found everywhere in the Neath, it is what happens when objects are immersed and cannot regain buoyancy, for example in the Zee. So when you drop copper into the Zee, it will zinc and you will get brazen.

It took me a second to follow your train of thought there, but then I laughed. Zinc or zwim.