Collated Research: Wilmot's End is the place?

So, it turns out that when you cash in Dramatic Tension in Wilmot’s End for Collated Research, you get 20 Collated Research for 2 points of Dramatic Tension, but the Wilmot’s carousel quality (&quotDoing Business in Wilmot’s End&quot) doesn’t get reset, allowing you to hit the same storylet (&quotAnother contact in the fog&quot) again immediately, gaining a point of Dramatic Tension for 1 action.

I believe this makes Wilmot’s End the most efficient source for Collated Reseach? If you continuously grind this carousel, you get 20 for 34 actions, which makes it better than Fighting a War of Assassins (16 for the same number of actions) Even if you just do the carousel once, you end up with a nearly-free point of Dramatic Tension which you could use towards another reward (say, a Collection of Curiosities to trade to a Tomb-Colonist) as long as you’re not zailing out of town any time soon.

I’m mentioning this in case people are unaware of it, but also because it could be an oversight by Failbetter in the construction of this storylet!

(In case any Fidgeting gamblers are wondering, my math suggests that route takes an average of ~6 actions to get 2 Collated Research, cost of grinding materials included.)
edited by metasynthie on 6/30/2015
edited by metasynthie on 6/30/2015
edited by metasynthie on 6/30/2015

Oh, and it’s 1.47 EPA if you keep doing it – which makes it a better “reliable grind” than Affair of the Box, right?

No, the Affair of the Box is 1.64 EPA with the Correspondence Plaque-hijacking options and taking the Mourning Candles at the end.

That does seem like a bug, though, since as far as I know every other cash out in Wilmot’s End does reset the story quality in addition to Tension.
edited by Jeremy Avalon on 6/30/2015

Ahhh, I always forget about the Correspondence Plaques, thank you. But yeah, I agree – it’s definitely a break from the usual design patterns of these carousels.