Coffee gifts?

So the rarity of Darkdrop Coffee makes the two cups I’ve been hoarding all the more precious, but might it be possible for me to purchase turns in the form of coffee, for something in the ballpark of the cost of that many turns? It makes sense not to be able to give players, say, 1000 Echoes, but if we’re able to gift Fate in the first place it doesn’t seem odd to be able to gift turns purchased with Fate.

For example, a social action that requires 2 units of Darkdrop Coffee, only costs one, and rewards the recipient with, among whatever else, a cup of joe along with whatever else (advantages, waves, stat CPs, etc). Obviously, a cup of coffee would have more financial value if gifted to a higher-earning player, but it would be lovely to be able to buy a friend or mentor a cup of coffee without having to gift a whole 100 Fate, and it preserves better than turns. So does Fate, which is more diversely useful, but the RP value of coffee that is worthwhile to capped players is appealing.

Are there other sources of Darkdrop Coffee I simply haven’t found, perhaps because they’re Fate-locked?
edited by Gerald Edgerton on 8/5/2015

Coffee is mostly distributed through access codes, though there is a card that gives coffee as a rare success.

Any item which can grant extra actions is ungrindable and difficult to acquire by design.
Best to hold onto it for emergencies.