The Parthenaeum is rather expensive, isn’t it? Now, I have the favor from choosing campaigner as my profession, but the other two are rather difficult. The books more than the recommendation. The recommendation, worst comes, I can just buy the necessary stuff, but proscribed material is just stupidly expensive. So I was wondering if there were any other places I can get the ingredients other than just grinding the 21 book netting in the forgotten quarter. The same for just buying the stuff for the recommendation. Any other advice about the getting the Parthenaeum would be grand.

Proscribed material can be gotten through unfinished business in Watchmaker’s Hill, and the god’s editors card if you have that affiliation.

There’s also an option in Wilmot’s End if you got booted from the Court.

What Sackville said. In addition, you can get a personal recommendation by attending the private party (it’s an opportunity card) or by winning the Tournament of Lillies.

I got many of my Proscribed Material in the Court of the Empress, using The life of the mind Storylet and discussing politics for 20 a pop. It’s not that bad if your dangerous quality is not up to snuff for the option on Watchmaker Hill or simply want to raise your persuasive.

edited by Owen Wulf on 1/5/2014

Since I’m not a PoSI I may be missing something obvious, but if you’re looking for Proscribed Materials, Call in favours in the Flit is a Standard frequency location-specific card where you can trade 120 CP of Connected: Revolutionaries for 720 Proscribed Materials. Then again, I suppose you might be able to get the same amount of Proscribed Materials in ~34 Actions if each gives you 21 of them. So perhaps not a good option if you’re in a hurry. Just a good option if you’ve got other things to do with your Actions. (Which I always do.)

I’ve been getting 21 PM an action (and grinding my watchful…slooowly) in the University with “The Committee on Semiotic Safety” storylet, but I forget what time in the storyline that turned up, you might not have it available yet?

You just need 97 watchful and access to the University.

The absolute best option, as Gillsing notes, is Calling in favours in the Flit. You can also rob the Ministry of Decency, or Bring Revolution, but those take time. My preferred option for getting proscribed materials is Discussing Politics at Court. Alternatively, look over these pages for good places to look.

How often does the flit card come up?

It took me about a week to see it when I was trying to tank my revolutionary connections, so while it’s very nice it’s probably not an action you should plan on using consistently.