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From what I could decipher of your post (it’s kinda screwed up; you might want to check that out), I think you said “Connected to” when you meant “Closest to”. Other than that, those options are certainly new, if expensive, and I’m curious about what the Tomb-Colonies want with the more valuable Rag Trade items. Two Parabola-Linen is a hefty but manageable cost, but adding even one Ivory Organza makes it fairly impractical, let alone two.

&quotAfter looking at the Connected to The Tomb Colonists today it looks like there are two new options. One lets you make them your closest to for two parabola linen and two of the next tier; I forget what it’s called.
The other option allows you to make it so you are no longer Closest To them, at the cost of your connections with them.
Is it just a new option for this card, or can we now change our Closest To?&quot

Fixed it.[li]
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I just got the card myself and the price is 2x Puzzle-Damask plus 2x Parabola-Linen.

I noticed similar options for Hell. Not sure what it means. Is it heralding some change to what Closest to: will be used for? Because it seems awfully expensive for the minor differences it makes. Particularly counted in all the Connected to: that I’d lose. And wasn’t it just supposed to be which faction one toasts to when no one is watching? It’s not like an official contract, is it? Or did the Numismatrix arrange for something like that way back when? I don’t quite remember.

Well, if you need to grind out Counting the Days for Mark of Credit Pages, being Closest To the right faction would allow you to do the entire cycle without drawing any cards except for Secrets and Spending at the end. Factions that can do that are the Bohemians and the Great Game, and you also need to be a Master Thief and not have sold your soul. If you meet these requirements then you can run around London and get a full Counting the Days cycle done in 21 actions, then wait for Secrets and Spending.

Obviously this isn’t useful if you don’t need Mark of Credit Pages anymore, and changing your faction solely for this is a bit expensive, but it is a place where that sort of thing comes in handy.[li]

Really fun thing is that I didn’t even know this when I chose the Great Game; my character’s just the spy type so I figured that fit him. Turns out that’s one of the two factions that can take advantage of both the low-class gambling at Wolfstack Docks (for advancing Counting the Days from 0 to 6) and meeting the high-class aristocrat in the Forgotten Quarter (6 to 10). It is convenient, though; helped me get my violin, and will get me my safe-conduct quickly as well.
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It’s also useful for RPing purposes.

Since I’m actively trying to tank my Connected: Revolutionaries to buy a Spire-Emporium, and am currently Closest To the Revolutionaries, this sounds like a godsend. Now if I can only get their Connected card …

[color=#ff9900]Currently, these options are available for the Constables, the Docks, Hell, the Church, and the Tomb-Colonies. The other factions will be added very soon.[/color][li]

Thanks for that – it did remove the temptation to spend Nex to get the Revolutionaries’ card. Back to trying to wear out my welcome with the Revolutionaries in every other way I can think of …[/li][li]

Sorry about the message being hard to read. I think it happens when I accidentally click on the post button twice. And thanks for the info Chris? Any chance some other factions will become availble? coughcoughTHEMASTERSOFTHEBAZAARcoughcough

Right? I’d give my Masters’ Blood to be closest to them![li]

[color=#ff9900]Not part of the plan at the moment, I’m afraid.[/color][li]

Forgive me, I’m a little new to the more subtle machinations for navigating the politics of our Fallen city - let me see if I understand this correctly.

[ul][li]I’ve chosen a profession. And naturally, this profession is aligned with the faction I’m Closest To.[/li][li]I wish to change my profession to something else, but this requires becoming Closest To the relevant other faction, yes?[/li][li]This will cost me all of my Connected with the 1st faction?[/li][li]How will it impact on my Counting The Days, exactly? I think I’m up to about 10 or 11 by now, and I am very interested in acquiring those Mark of Credit Pages, indeed I am…[/li][/ul]Delicious thanks.

Choosing a profession is mostly independent of which faction you’re closest to. Choosing a tier 2 profession will require you to have at least 25 levels of connections with an aligned faction, but you can gain or lose these connections without ever being closest to them.

So you can become closest to whichever faction you’d like without having to worry about it impacting your profession.

None of the Professions require Closest To, as far as I can recall. They do require 20 or so Connected with that group and possibly something else, but that’s relatively easy.

As for Counting the Days, that can be advanced no matter who you are Closest To. There are some non-card storylets you can take advantage of depending on faction (in Wolfstack Docks low-class factions have a 0-6 Counting the Days storylet, while in the Forgotten Quarter high-class ones have a 6-10 one; Bohemians and the Great Game can use both), but otherwise the only way Closest To affects Counting the Days is that your faction’s card will have an option for increasing it and A Pocketful of Loose Change.

Hmm. My mistake. When I checked up on the new profession I was after, I had thought one of the greyed-out requirements I didn’t meet had said Closest To. To be honest, I was paying more attention to the fact that I had less than half the required Connected anyway, so was a long way off being able to change yet. Good to know my Counting the Days shall be unaffected. My thanks.

You may already know this, but each facction has an item, often in the Pawnbroker’s of the Bazaar, that can be used repeatedly to get a fairly hefty Connection Boost with the relevant group. The action is accessible by clicking on the item in your inventory.

Got the docks card; the price for joining them is just five puzzling maps, so it seems to depend on the faction for what price one must pay to join.

Oh good! I’ve always been sad I had to sacrifice my chosen &quotclosest to&quot in order to sell the location of the Nadir to the Revs. (Which I only did because, at the time, Master’s Blood was a unique item only available that way. Not so much now. Heh.) Looking forward to having my old Closest To back.
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