Closest To: To whom and why?

Let me just get straight to the point.To whom and why is/are your charactear(s) closest to? I’ll start off.

Strawbreevee is closest to the Great Game. He would think that being a Royal, he was bound to be involved anyway, so why not dive in head-first. He would be second closest to society.
Northe is not currently closest to anyone but I imagine she would be closest to the Urchins, as they share a lot in common, such as thier excellent stealth. Plus, they’re useful pawns to sacrifice when seeking the voice in the well.
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Revolutionaries because my characters a gross revolutionary

The Urchins.

They’ve been here for longer than most. Maybe not as the same people but despite being mere children they’ve had an astonishing amount of influence on the neath. Even if they probably didn’t intend to.

Closest to: The Docks, despite that fact that most of cathyr19355’s life activities involve other groups. Why? Because the big strike she took part in at Wolfstack Docks a long, long time ago played a fundamental role in forming her character. It changed her from just another grifter making a living in Fallen London to someone who lives for a purpose. That purpose is to help as many people as possible.

To the Great Game, mainly to make use of them and since my character is a longtime player of the Game. And because of the Location of a Prince of Hell, which was a nice little bonus~

Ixc is closest to the Great Game, because you keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and in the Great Game, the two are often blurred. Plus, all his careers (spy,detective,magician) all deal with truth and lies, and so does the Game.

The Docks.

Where else would I find mates to crew my zailing zhip?

The Bohemians. Art is Eternal!

The Revolutionaries.

Progressives, populists, radicals, anarchists, republicans, socialists, communists, secessionists, seditionists, independents, reformers, abolitionists, Liberationists, 1848ers, Seekers, cultists, and the generally disaffected. Hotshot has been around and worked with many of the aforementioned groups fighting one way or another against the status quo, on both the Surface and now in the Neath, and given his tendency toward Dangerous pursuits along with romantic and nihilist personality traits they were the most suitable choice.
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On alts, it’s Great Game and Bohemians for mechanical purposes. But on my main? Devils all the way. They’re just so cool! I am always thinking about switching to Urchins though, as a ratty, itinerant child myself.

F. is a spy, through and through. The Great Game.

It was quite a bit harder to decide for W. I still don’t think I made the right choice. W. is partial to art and beauty, so the Bohemians would have been natural. (Slightly unrelated, but the Czech Republic is the greatest country.) But - what is art if it is not informed by social justice? I chose the Urchins. (But I also wish I could’ve chosen the Bohemians, if only for mechanical purposes…)

Kalitha is closest to Hell. Urbane conversation, lavish indulgences, infernal intrigue? Yes please. Now if only her devil-loves didn’t abandon her as soon as she was bereft a soul.

Miza has not yet chosen her closest ally, but I plan on the Great Game for her; infiltration, sabotage, and espionage are exactly her sort of things.

Rust is closest to the urchins. At first, it was out of a sense of duty- an earnest want to help their situation. Of course, the more she learned, the more she realized that perhaps, just perhaps, these kids are in better hands than it previously realized.

Still, it provides what it can to the scamps. And has gained a new, uncanny reverence for the wind…

Gul is closest to the Tomb-Colonies. Quiet, dreamy cities lush with forgotten secrets, people with a tremendous tolerance for pain and a very dangerous idea of fun? Why, they feel right at home. Someday they’ll be reborn, a transient tangle of dust and chaos, ecstatically winging its way to oblivion. Very little will have changed.[li]

Caroline is closest to Bohemians. And infamous artist and invert as well as writer, these are her people. Rumors she is a longtime master of the game are, of course, to be discounted.

I am closest to the Devils, primarily so I may study the Correspondence. In theory, at least. They are not as cooperative as I was hoping. But they are as cooperative as I was expecting.

Closest to the Urchins. A mixture of pity and fondness.

S.F.'s strongest ties are to the various criminal elements of London, as they find them exceptionally useful due to their widespread, if comparatively shallow, influence.

There was a long period of time where they distanced themself from criminals in order to foster relations with the players of the Great Game, but good luck holding onto your anonymity when you’re standing right in the middle of a crowd of people looking to rip it away from you. Better to play at a distance, with pieces who don’t care who the player is.
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