Closest to: The Masters of the Bazaar

So I was looking at the card A Restorative and when I moused over the option An Exclusive Dinner Party, I saw one of the Closest to: options was The Masters of the Bazaar. I would very much like to side with them, so does anyone know how I might go about doing so? Or is this an option that not yet exists? (I am assuming that, being a fairly new player, someone else would have noticed this before me)[li]

I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. There’s Closest To: options for a few other factions that are unattainable as well.

Perhaps in future!
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Yep, after a little research it seems these are the factions that we cannot side with at the moment :(

The Masters of the Bazaar
Rubbery Men
The Duchess
The University

Hopefully these will be added in the future, and not just remain impossible.

Is there a way to change your Closest To quality? I aligned myself with the Constables, and would like to switch to Rubbery Men or the Masters of the Bazaar whenever possible, so such knowledge would be very helpful.

The only way I know of the change your alignment is by selling the location of the Nadir to a faction, and there are only a few options there.

As far as I know it is not possible to be Closest To Rubbery Men or Masters.
The four who will buy the location are Revolutionaries, Great Game, Hell or Urchins and, at the moment, that is the only way to change closest to and you can only sell the location once.

What happens if you abandon your connection pet?

You can pick another one.

But doesn’t changing your connection pet means you change your Closest To quality? I would love to be more close to the Rubbery Men

It doesn’t affect your Closest to it just changes your pet. I’ve changed pets a few times, you just need to wait for its card to turn up and then got to Watchmakers Hill and pick another one.

Hmmmm, I see. Well, I guess once the new Closest To are released they will temporarily add a way to alter that quality, they did that when they released new faces IIRC

Your “Closest to” is set by the Numismatrix and seems to only affect which sources you can turn to when advancing your Counting the Days cycle. And apparently neither Masters nor Rubbery Men have any interest in giving you pocketfuls of change.

Not at all - you can have a connection pet with any faction - you only need 1 point. The Numismatrix story line leads to your faction alignment.

If you like Rubbery Men, as do I (Hi Squiddo!) I highly suggest you save your fate for the Flute St storyline.


I am ahead of you and already have Flute St. unlocked, and weird I don’t remember starting the Numismatrix storyline