Cliques looking for members

[b]Cliques currently recruiting:

[/b][color=#000000]The Hubris House for Young Troublemakers[/color]
“The preparatory school of the underworld, welcomes young urchins and ne’er-do-wells as students, and noted rakes as academic staff.”
Contact: Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook (@ReginaldHubris)

The Consortium of Misanthropic Gentlefolk
“The Consortium is not so much a group of like minded individuals as it is a disease gnawing away at the edges of society. We only associate with each other due to the simple fact that we share a unbridled hatered for the human race. We plan the down fall of all. Members need not like each other just tolerate them. We are the darkness. We are that which men fear. We are the name. We are The Consortium.”
Contact: Cubethulhu also known as Branden Linton url=!/cubethulhu

The Erudite and the Eaten
“A clique for those who pursue knowledge obsessively regardless of in-game cost. If you spend as much time pouring over spreadsheets and notes of the game as you do actually playing, then you are my ideal clique co-conspirator and knowledge seeker - though this isn’t strictly necessary. Anyone whose primary draw to the 'Neath is to understand its secrets and mysteries, both mundane and arcane, is welcome. For those of you who have visited the House of Chimes, you may have come across this sigil of the Correspondence:[color=rgb(255,255,255)] A sentiment that is chiefly curiosity, but is experienced as infatuation. [/color]I think that would be a fine emblem for our Clique.”
Contact The Dave, url=!/TheDaveEBZ[/url]

Order of the Friars of Saint Francis of Wycombe
“A Hellfire Club branch, the clique is a haven for those pursuing an opportunity to escape the boredom and doldrums of Fallen London morays. Hedonists, Bohemians, Pupils of Science and Peculiarities welcome! [Some clique member engages in Twitter and Live Journal role playing, though this is not necessary for membership]”
Contact Nigel Overstreet url=!/n_overstreet


Are you looking for members to join your clique? This can be the thread for Clique recruitment. It became apparent that one might be necessery, so rather than have this thread go to waste, I decided to turn it into the clique-recruitment thread. This first post will include the list of the Cliques currently recruiting, and Cliques can post in this thread if they want to recruit, and they will be added to this post. The format, as suggested by Chris, should be:

[li][color=rgb(255,0,153)][color=#000000]Clique name[/color][/color] [li][color=rgb(255,0,153)][color=#000000]Brief description of clique[/color][/color] [li][color=#000000][color=rgb(255,0,153)][color=#000000]Forum[/color] [color=#000000]username of whoever’s handling recruitment

Forum members who want to join a clique can either post in the thread, or contact a clique directly via the username of whoever’s in charge of the clique. And if a clique is no longer looknig for members, they should post in this thread and say so and I’ll remove them from the list. So, with that in mind, any Cliques looking to recruit?

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The Hubris House for Young Troublemakers has places open for both students and teaching staff, if Mr Owlfisher is of a criminal disposition. Hubris himself is always open to Second Chance invites and suchlike.

That does sound perfect, Jack Owlfisher have been engrossed in the underworld for quite a while now, to the point where he’s more shadowy than watchful…
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Marvellous! Hubris’s profile is in my signature, or, I can invite you if you point me to Jack’s profile page!

Sure, you can find Mr. Owlfisher here:, I should prolly add it in my signature, I’ve just forgotten to do that.
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Whoops, forgive me - I didn’t realise or forgot that you need to be Twitter/Facebook friends to invite. Is your account linked to Twitter?

Yes, though I mainly use facebook, my twitter account is dusty as hell.

@Owlor, right? A friend invite is on its way, and a clique invite shall follow!

Brace yourselves for lurid mod-pink!

[color=#ff0099]What would people think about a sticky thread for clique recruitment? Something entitled, say, ‘Cliques looking for members’ where the initial post lists cliques currently recruiting and forum members handling recruitment for them. [/color]

[color=#ff0099]Maybe a useful format would be:[/color]

  • [color=#ff0099]Clique name[/color][/li][li][color=#ff0099]Brief description of clique[/color][/li][li][color=#ff0099]Forum username of whoever’s handling recruitment[/color]


Eep, don’t scare me like that, Chris, when a mod suddenly popped up, I was afraid I had screwed up somehow (did I miss soemthing when I read the rules? or did I break a rule I forgot? did I just make ten faux pases at once?)
To answer your quesiton, yes, that would be a good idea. I felt that doing it this way was sorta bad form, I mean, if everyone where to post a thread personally looking for recruitment, it’d clog up the forum, so a sticky thread for that purpose would be extremely useful.

The pink is a bit alarming, isn’t it? Also it just made my corneas explode.

[color=#3333cc]I think I’ll switch to a nice sombre blue.[/color]

The pink was very 80s-punk-revivalism. Like it might be followed by a flyer for a club night featuring a girl with a harsh bob in a tartan corset grimacing.

Allright, I changed the topic of this thread to turn it into a discussion of a Clique recruitment sticky, I figured we might want to hear what people have to say on the matter, if that’s allright.

Hey, I was looking through the forums for a clique to join. Fallen London is hell to navigate through alone. Are you guys still inviting people to your clique?

Allright, I decided to turn this thread into the clique recruitment thread, since it basically already became one. I’ve added information and rules to the first post based on Chris suggestion and I’ll be maintaining it.

To iterate, if you’re looking for members for your clique, you post it in this thread with the clique name, a brief description and the forumname of the one handling the recruitement, and I’ll add the information to the list in the first post. If you are looking for a clique, you can use this thread or contact the clique directly using the information.

Oh, and a question, Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook, is your clique still looking for new members, should I add it to the list?
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[color=0000CC]And stickied.

Owlor, you are a star.[/color]

[quote=Chris Gardiner][color=00ffff]And stickied.

Owlor, you are a star.[/color][/quote]

While your at it I think it would be a good idea to sticky my Tournament of Lillies post. That way everyone can see the players that they can invite for matchs.

There’s a couple other threads (Such as my own thread for second chances, and another thread for burglars for the Heart’s Desire ambition) that are in a similar fashion, and may benefit from being stickied.

Yes, that would be delightful! To summarise:

The Hubris House for Young Troublemakers, the preparatory school of the underworld, welcomes young urchins and ne’er-do-wells as students, and noted rakes as academic staff. Contact @ReginaldHubris for admissions.

[color=0000CC]Branden and Urthcaller - these are both good ideas. My only reservation is I don’t want to crowd the top of the forum with too many stickies. Let me have a think about which threads would benefit from stickiage most. Some might not need it because they’re busy enough to stay on the front page anyway, or it wouldn’t hurt to have multiple threads on them.

The Tournament of Lilies thread is a very strong contender - it can be tricky to find other contestants of the right level, and it’s easily for the thread to drop down the page until a new person enters the ring.

I’ll trim some old posts out of this thread next week, so it’s all tidy for its new function.[/color]