Claymen Discussion.

Well, it can be compassionate, depends on how you deal with them. You can be really horrible to the two, or you can teach them how to read and write. And to be honest, carrying someone around every now and then is rather less taxing than constantly carrying crates in Wolfstack, and getting beaten up by dockers and society in general.

The ‘neutral’ choice is to use them to chase Jack of Smiles. That option and the Tower of Knives option really lower my incentive to ever finish that case.

I think there can be clay women, right? Because at the end of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, one of the companions you could get was a Pirate-Poet with “clay skin” and they use she/her pronouns to describe her.

Yeah, but I think most of her content is in Sunless Sea, so maybe someone who has done that could say more on it?

From one playthrough of her story, her being female isn’t really brought up, but it’s made clear she’s very, very special. If I had to take a guess I’d say that most clay men are

men because the King is a man, and they’re just small fragments of him. The Poet is an oddity by being a free-willed clay man despite not being unfinished. (Also I feel like Loamsprach might actually be just whatever language they spoke in the first city, and thus why all clay men seem to speak it.)

I don’t think it’s ever mentioned why she was born special, but for what it’s worth, she does seem to be a female clay person.
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