Clay men

How to play as one/become one?
edited by Joel M Bridge on 3/9/2013

There used to be a hidden fourth gender option when creating a character, a clickable dash that let you play as one. To my knowledge, it was removed and there aren’t any existing ways to create one. A shame, certainly, but we can’t very well have dozens, if not hundreds, of Unfinished Men running rampant among London, now can we?

Is there least video of damn, and how stop being a clayman?

I don’t think you can stop being a Clay Man, or find videos of this content. I did find some text here, but I’m not sure if that is all of it.

There is also this, but as you said, I can’t be certain that that’s it.

That is all I’ve ever seen there and heard of from the web.

It is either a very very very long grind to escape or a perpetual grind.

edited by Endy on 3/9/2013

I have a Clay-man account if anyone wants anything from it, been a while since I’ve done anything with it, and it is still low-qualities, the only thing you can raise easily is Dangerous.

I’ve got word from up top that the content is sadly no longer available. I had sent an email asking about it, because I wanted to try clay man house of chimes craziness.

Last time I checked my Clay man account most of the story specific art was gone. Also it’s no longer possible to create a Clay man character, so I think this is an abandoned easter egg.