Clay Men: I wanna know all the things (Spoilers)

Or rather, he did die and the deal was for his &quotcontinued existence&quot
Alive or not, he’s certainly existing. And making an absolute mess of his tea.

I hope she’s a good poet, because in my experience she ain’t much of a pirate.

<voice type=&quotcrotchety&quot>Back in my day, we knew if someone were alive or dead! Down here everybody’s wandering around half dead, soulless. It makes me sick. Bloody hipsters.</voice>[/quote]

On the contrary! The Pirate Poet can row faster than a steamship, find the ship she wants faster than Drake, and then capture and crew it single-handedly. I once faced her three times in a row!

In fact, if you consider that she just captured the danged ship by herself ten minutes earlier, it makes the fact that she mostly just shoots flares at you a lot more sensible. Can you reach the guns from the wheel?