Circumcellions and Nuns

Gah. In pursuing my ambition, I was told by some nuns that they’d had their supplies interdicted by the Brotherhood. Then I absentmindedly clicked a button and forgot what supplies they wanted. Can anyone tell me what the nuns want me to get from London?

I think you should be able to reminisce about it

Two Collections of Curiosities, two Cellars of Wine, one thousand Silk Scraps and two thousand rats. Ones that come on a string, not the talkative kind.

There is a difference? I need to go make a few apologies.
V-That was the joke. : P
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I believe he might be referring to the Rattus Fabers that many of us have taken as companions… though I suppose you could string those up if you’re short one or two evil grin

Ah thank you very much. I thought that one thousand Collections of Curiosities sounded far too high a price for ambition.