[Chrome Extension] Winking Isle Fire Sale Helper

SMEN spoilers ahead, I guess.

For my own convenience I fed all sacrificial items to a word replacer to help me navigate the Bazaar:

If you, too, want to ease your self-destruction in pursuit of the Name, here’s how:

1. Download this extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/word-replacer-ii/djakfbefalbkkdgnhkkdiihelkjdpbfh

2. Import this code: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ijh2v8r399dojc3/winking%20island%20fire%20sale.txt

(Everything past and including Journals of Infamy is optional, trim code as needed.)

3. Result:

(Shortcut: Just sell everything you own (apart from your Rostygold - you’ll need that to put to zee), and and invest it in rats.)

Requirements not included here:

  • no more than 7.77 Echoes
  • Connected: Society 6 at most
  • 0 x Favours: The Docks
  • no Nightmares, no Wounds
    (and remember to turn the extension off again once you’re done or the internet is going to be an even stranger experience than usual)

You can also pair this with the inventory list view (https://userstyles.org/styles/117925/fallen-london-inventory-list-view) in order to use ctr+f to identify any excess items:

And now go forth; dehumanise yourself and face to bloodshed.

[quote=mayexist](and remember to turn the extension off again once you’re done or the internet is going to be an even stranger experience than usual)[/quote]Hah! Yes, amazing.

Thank you!

Pray tell, where did you find the comprehensive list of all sacrificial items? The one that I know of doesn’t seem to be especially… reliable.

Really? What turned out to be incorrect or incomplete?

Members of the rag trade, mystery, and wild words categories are not on the list posted by spacemarine9, while here they’re listed as an optional SELL. I wasn’t sure if my ignorance about these items was a mark of the existence of a theoretical “more updated” list or if they were simply on there as a placeholder for things that could be sold if the player so wished.

Disclaimer is that I’m still preparing my voyage, and any conflicting information immediately puts me in quite a state of some confusion. I am speaking from a place of no authority here :)

These three categories are optional and required if you want to pursue Salt instead of Grieve/Hate.

You’re welcome!

There are individuals roaming the zees of the Neath at this very moment with heads made of wax! Wax! Do you ask them their sources? Do you question their due diligence? And yet you waste our time asking me trifling and impertinent questions about mine? I pray you, do not ask me to speak of the horrors I’ve seen.

(Estelle is correct, the list you’ve seen probably didn’t include the unrequirements of the optional branches you can play for no fun and no profit if you don’t have Silk/Words/Mystery items. (I hope the previous sentence contained the correct amount of negatives.))
edited by mayexist on 7/2/2016

Excuse me, I expect your sources to be well documented and sourced by at least three other scholarly articles or else I’m afraid I just can believe a word of it. Heads made of wax? Well your head the only waxen one I see if you think such stories have even a grain of truth. Zailor’s tales the lot of 'em.

(haha, I kid I kid :). thanks so much for making this, though. It’s really quite a handy tool! And also thanks for more info about the optional items. I had previously only been aware of the optional rubbery requirements.)

Pro tip:

Sell all BUT seven Enigmas.

head-desk head-desk head-desk