Christmas Wishes

I was making a last minute Christmas list and was wondering what I should ask for. I mean I already have some good choices on there I just need a few more. So can you lot suggest any particularly delicious books or games?

If you’re asking for books, the Old Kingdom trilogy is my personal favourite fantasy series of all time. If you like that kind of thing, I highly recommend it. You can always get it for free at the library, though…

As for video games…I am not all that knowledgeable. The AAA scene seems to have degenerated into tacky, bland games that pour all their budget into pretty graphics, leaving no room for any substance whatsoever. I only really follow the indie scene now. You might like Telepath RPG: Servants of God. It won’t actually be finished until February, but you can pre-order it. (Details can be found at I have also heard good things about Bastion (which you can learn about at Oh, and if you haven’t already, get Braid. (I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard about it, but here’s the wikipedia page:

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If you want to buy yourself an early Christmas present, Limbo is extraordinarily cheap in the Steam sale for a few more hours. It really is wonderful. If you’re as precious about gaming as I am, then perhaps you’ll consider it important, even.

I can personally recommend both Limbo and Bastion. Bastion is more replayable, but both are beautifully executed.

Madam Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series is particularly delicious steampunk literature…