[color=#ff9900]Delicious Yuletide friends! Note the ammonium tang in London’s air. Note the suspicious conglomeration of milky sludge between the cobbles. The Neath is about to ‘snow’ again![/color]
[color=#ff9900]Fear not. If you are snowed out of your lodgings, a variety of helpful souls stand ready to assist. [/color][color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]We’ve made some small changes from last year:[/color]
[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]
[color=#ff9900]1) If you spend Nex to clear your path, there is no longer a delay before receiving your Incarnadine Robe. This means you can obtain multiple robes over the Christmas season.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]2) Two new Home Comforts have been added to the options to choose from after obtaining an Incarnadine robe.[/color]

Is one of them bizarre? If one is bizarre I’m throwing money at you. Fat stacks of cash, gotta have max bizarre.

I believe Mr. Stone’s is Bizarre, from what I heard.

It is! It’s also pretty cool. Ice cold.

Yep. Bizarre & persuasive. If you click ‘ancient’ profile below, I have echoed Mr Stones’ bit of text

Great! I had a robe saved from my Nadir misadventures! Now I’m plagued with indecision… Mr Apples or Mr Stones?

[quote=Spacemarine9]It is! It’s also pretty cool. Ice cold.[/quote]Mr. Stone’s gift is so cool, that the minute I saw it I wanted to spend real money on such real-life merchandise from FBG.

I just got Mr. Stones gift too and the description of the item in my inventory got a genuine laugh out loud from me. I love it. :)
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Picked up Mr Stones’ item with last year’s robe, and acquired a new robe to hang onto for possibly the whole year again. The new items are excellent.

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If anyone is interested, I picked Mr. Apples gift and echoed the text.

I might still have to get a second robe, if that’s possible. That Paperweight looks awesome.

Well, sharks are cool too I guess, but:

Seconding this. It’s basically a D20 with correspondence symbols on it. Who would not want such a thing?

Well, looks like I’m buying fate Tuesday night. I needed to get to my lodgings while on my tablet at work, so I couldn’t pick up the robe this time, but I simply must have Mr. Stones’ gift!

Does one have to have used a Robe before acquiring another? Or can we hold more than one at the same time before cashing one or both (or all) of them in?

You have to have 0 robes in order to get another (it’s a pre-requisite for the Fate option on the snowbound storylet)

I made the mistake of clearing my path before reading this thread.
I thought, &quotOh, it’s fine. I’ll just get the robe later. After all, you can only get one a year. You’ve got all the time in the world, Nigel!&quot

Silly, silly Nigel. When will you learn?

Due to a well known fate-locked opportunity, I have had four(I think?) robes simultaneously, and was able to cash each one of them in for a different reward.

Of course, that wasn’t from the snowed in storylet, so it might have a constraint.
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