Christmas Card Requests!

I do so dearly love Christmas cards. They’re tasty on toast.

I appear to be having an issue and would love some help, in the event that I’m being obtuse and that it isn’t a technical problem. I have a stack of Christmas cards and the options to buy more with Fate in my lodgings but, oddly enough, no ability to send them appearing among my options yet. Will this become available closer to the Yule or do I need to bother the Masters of Tech Support?

Christmas card availability depends on Airs of London; go rob a drunk in Spite to reshuffle them and see if that changes anything.

You are a gentleman and a scholar.

If anyone still lives in this thread then I can play. In-game name same as my forum name.[li]

I need more of the Painted Mog, that’s Airs 1-25, if anyone is willing to toss me a couple please.

I’ll take any cards folks have to spare. AndyEricson in game as well.