Christmas Card Request Thread

As many of you probably know by now, there’s a new mechanic this Christmas that allows you to send cards to your contacts, bringing all kinds of benefits for both parties, stat bonuses in particular. Now, the exact nature of the card is randomized (based on the Airs of London), and while most of us appreciate a boost regardless of the stat involved, some may prefer to receive one particular boost over another.

I, for instance, would be delighted to get Foglights with Tentacles (the Watchful card), but as my Persuasive is (or rather, was) already capped, a Beguiling Predatory Vegetable (the Persuasive card) would have been wasted on me. This thread is meant to help people specify which cards they would prefer to get, and which would be better spent on others.
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BFW note - use for 2014 requests
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So without further ado (and this will be updated)

Wants Any Card (unless specified elsewhere):
Little The
Howard John Abrahall
Dr. Hieronymous Alloy
Anstruther Barron
Guy Scrum
Alexander Feld
Jack Vaux-Harrowden
Myke Harrison
A B Nile

Wants Paint-Besplattered Mog (Dangerous):

Wants Beguiling Predatory Vegetable (Persuasive):

Wants Fogscape with Tentacles (Watchful):
Little The

Wants Suspicious Sort (Shadowy):

Doesn’t Want Paint-Besplattered Mog (Dangerous):

Doesn’t Want
Beguiling Predatory Vegetable (Persuasive):

Doesn’t Want Fogscape with Tentacles (Watchful):
Alexander Feld

Doesn’t Want Suspicious Sort (Shadowy):

Last Update:
A pretty big update today. Updated dragonridingsorceress and Alexander Feld again. Added sakura_candy, Urthdigger, Spacemarine9, Polly~Gorey, Lady~Strange, and HP~Brown.
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I like the &quotFogscape with Tentacles&quot, I really do. But my Watchful is capped, I have 46 Sudden Insights, and I can’t use the Making Waves for anything. My Persuasive is in a similar state, as I am trying to keep it within 25 levels of 115 or so, to benefit from certain cards that sometimes come up. These are all things that one should feel free to consider (or not!) when sending me a Christmas Card.

I’m stat-capped currently, but I would like the Making Waves. However, I would ask members of this thread to give priority to Alexander Feld with their Fogscape and Mog cards if you have him on your contact list, since he is in sore need of menace reducers.

I’d love watchful ones but not any other. As I’m SMEN, this might change…

I’d like anything but the Suspicious Sort, as my Shadowy is capped. At Notability 4, so the Making Waves is much appreciated! Thanks all.

I’m trying to devour my own Slowcakes entry, which requires Notability 7 - any Making waves cards very gratefully received.

I would appreciate any card one can send me as long as long as they can make waves.

I would appreciate any cards, but especially the Beguiling Vegetable, as I struggle to raise Persuasive these days and I have run through all my Confident Smiles in the Cave of the Nadir!

(Howard, is devouring your own Slowcakes entry to do with Seeking?)

(Howard, is devouring your own Slowcakes entry to do with Seeking?)[/quote]

It’s a method of obtaining St. Destin’s Candle, yes.

I will be glad of any Christmas Cards, but Watchful would be my first choice, and Shadowy my second.

ETA: If you can tell me which you’d like when you send me a card, I will try to send the right one back in return.
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I’d appreciate Christmas cards as well from any of my Acquaintances. I’ll take any really so which kind doesn’t matter.

Happy to return the favour so let me know when you send the card if there’s a particular one you’d like in return and I’ll see what can be done.

[strike]Hate to &quotbleg&quot but I’ve only got a day left to hit Notability 5 and it’s getting nerve-wracking, so any kind souls who feel like sending cards will be much appreciated. I’ll reply in kind as soon as time:the healer brings me a new batch (which should happen tomorrow evening). Thanks![/strike][li]

EDIT: no longer necessary, got to 5! Thanks!
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Is there a list anywhere of which Airs correspond to which Cards?

ETA: Found it on the Wiki.
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nevermind, thank you!
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I would be delighted to receive any help for Making Waves or Dangerous, as I am struggling to get my notability up, and dangerous has been a daunting grind for me.

I have become a Correspondent, so I’d like to take my name off the list. Thanks to those who sent me cards, and a merrificent Sacksmas!

I would gladly receive some cards

Hmm, does anyone think I should take Alexander Feld off the list, after that kerfuffle with SMEN being disabled for the time being?

You can just erase the “high priority” stuff.