Choosing one fatelocked storyline...

I currently have 20 Fate to my name, and I’ve already gone to Flute Street. (What can I say? I have a soft spot for my rubbery brethren.)

I’m looking more for a juicy story to sink my teeth into than material gain. With that in mind, what does the community recommend I put my fate toward?

The beast-breeding in the Labyrinth of Tigers is the best fate-locked storyline, I think.

The Trade in Souls is quite well-written, and has multiple repurcussions throughout the rest of the game. If it’s a more interactive narrative you’re after, the Rubbery Murders is a great change of pace.
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Robbery Murders is very story-based, but makes sense for your character. I love my spirifer’s fork that I got from the Trade in Souls. The Long Lost Daughter is ok, but feels like its still missing some actions that can be taken from your end choices.

Trade in Soul is probably the best one, with tie-ins to it all over the game.
The Theological Husbandry provide you a bunch of handy pets which provide some decent cards later on, and your choices seems very important to London.
The Long Lost Daughter, well, I didn’t play it. My character is not supposed to have a daughter, so I avoided it.
Personally I don’t like the Rubbery Murders much, it feels a bit bland in comparison to any other fate-locked storylines. It is not bad, but it feels so much like a starter venture in that it feels very unemotional or revealing.

But if you like Rubbery stuff, have you tried the Rubbery Man Pygamlion storyline at Mahogany Hall? It cost only 5 fate and goes VERY well with the Flute Street content.

What I would very much like is an option to replay the Rubbery Murders in the same way one can replay Trade in Souls. I feel I had made a grave mistake with this one…

Doesn’t the Soul Trade thing cost 25? As I said, I’ve just got 20 and I’m not really in a place to invest in more at the moment.

I would recommend the Labyrinth of Tigers storyline - you get some fun pets, and some fun lore to go along with them.

I thought the rubbery murders was dreadful, to be honest - a real waste of money.
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I unreservedly recommend Trade in Souls. The story is entirely excellent, and very well integrated. My character’s involvement in the trade forms a core part of her character, giving her a pleasing, weighty feel; I am always considering and reconsidering her actions with regards to the Church, souls, and Hell. It’s added a great deal of depth to my play.

(You can always hold off a bit and see if you get more Fate via storyline and keep an eye on the free fate offers for the opportunity to watch a video or two!)


[quote=Byron Man]
The Long Lost Daughter, well, I didn’t play it. My character is not supposed to have a daughter, so I avoided it.[/quote]

The only requirement, character-wise, is to have had some sort of scandalous tryst several years back. If you’re the type who might have done this, but has no interest in familial obligations, it is possible to do this storyline and then never have to see her again. That’s what I did… and I’m a GOOD person. Why might I have done such a thing? Play through and find out.

Of course it’s not very plausable if, like me, you’re playing an intersex character.

Which is exactly why you might be suspicious of someone who came along claiming to be your daughter…

Hm, can anyone tell me if there is anything after Involved in the Soul Trade 6? All I see now relating to it is the soul-trading option in Ladybones.

No, that’s the highest it goes. You’ll find a lot of different options popping up in various stories and cards though. The story doesn’t really end, you’ll have various opportunities to use your chosen side throughout the game.

I haven’t played anything other than Flute Street, but I’m planning to engage in the Fate-locked continuation of Theological Husbandry as soon as I’ll have the Fate/Nex (not before I come back from zee, of course…).