Choices, choises... A Raid on the Brass Embassy.

'tis a small thing, perhaps, but I find myself in a bit of a quandary.At Ladybones Road, the ‘A Raid on the Brass Embassy’ storylet is open, and well within my skills… but I must choose a side: The Constables, or Hell. I’m quite well acquainted with both, and thus stand to lose a significant portion of Influence with whatever side I DON’T pick.

Worse, if the wiki is to be believed, I will not actually GAIN any connection with the side I pick - all I stand to earn is a pittance of Nevercold Brass and a new ‘Twist’… either ‘A Constable’s Pet’ or ‘an Infernal Informant’. The later could potentially be useful for becoming a Trickster by way of Hell (which I have no particular aspiration to), while the former… apparently does nothing whatsoever.

Am I missing something, or is the only winning move not to play?

Yeah, pretty much. There’s no penalty for not picking a side, and as far as I know that option will stay available to you forever. No harm in leaving it until a reason crops up to make a choice.

Hmm… but is that accurate? The wiki seems to be outdated. I just noticed a use for ‘an Infernal Informant’ that isn’t mentioned there (one of the earliest in Claremont’s line). The same might be true for A Constable’d Pet, especially since it currently has NO uses listed.

Wiki updated, thanks.
(that’s the beauty of a wiki, after all :-))

Quite… well, I went ahead and sided with Hell, since that at least has some confirmed advantages. Hopefully, there aren’t any really neat applications for A Constable’s Pet somewhere down the line. >_>