Chess, wine, and exquisite conversations

I have felt quite bored, as of late. So many in London but so difficult to find those of interest. I would like to meet many of these supposedly entertaining fellows that walk the city streets. Of course I’m sure many of you are, and to those I’d like to extend an invitation to my humble abode; one of the many cottages near the observatory… I… uh… would be unable to say which one, exactly! They all look terribly alike, I many times have difficulty finding it, myself! I’m sure if you knock on enough doors, you’ll find me.

P.S.: You likely already know, but in the situation that you do not, watch the fungi; they don’t kindly to strangers… or anyone really.

(OOC: Finding it difficult to find RP partners! Feel free to send a calling card and an interesting letter!)
edited by Doxl on 7/1/2015

Doxl, I have just sent you a calling card. One can never have too many friends in the 'Neath.

Sir, I am afraid that you will have to show some diligence in finding proper acquaintances. Wailing about your loneliness is hardly an option, and those saxons would rather perish in their lodgings than try to approach someone.
I will dare to give a piece of my experience: seek for people with reputation - those who are discussed at the pubs, salons and forums. Examine them, if you seek for some particular sort. There are also many stories flying around this city, and do not be shy to approach its figurants. Additionally, giving more information about yourself and your ways may lure some people (different sort of people, if to be more exact). In any case: you will need to make some efforts.

As my co-workers like to say:&quotkeep your nose by the wind, eyes opened and ears clear&quot.

Hope you will extract correct conclusions from this tuition of mine.
edited by Andrew Astherson on 7/1/2015

Also, while I wouldn’t presume to tell you your business, you might consider echoing some of your activities on your journal, as it is one of the few ways other residents might tell what mad adventures you’ve been up to.

(OOC: Very interested in RP myself, I will send you a calling card)

((I have sent you a calling card, good sir. Hopefully it’s not too overwritten, I’m not wise to the RP customs in these parts, yet.))

Greetings, I am intrigued as well. Please consider me for RPing to bring some spice into things. Some familiar names here, others, less so. Good day!