Cheesemonger refuses to cooperate

I hope this is the right place, I’m going out of my mind with worry. I’ve been waiting for

A note from the Cheesemongerfor a week now, 10 cards every time on the dot, and I have YET to receive it! Am I doing something wrong? I’ve Agent of the Cheesemonger 15, am I supposed to be somewhere specific to get it? Do I need a specific stat number? Help me Fallen Londoners, you’re my only hope.

The wiki entry for that card is here

It appears that it has no prerequisites besides Agent of the Cheesemonger 15. It is mostly likely just the RNG playing tricks. Keep drawing!

That happened to me. When I was pursuing PoSI I was forced to justify seeking this status by achieving some dangerous tasks, even though I was already a master thief. Wouldn’t you know, a week after I got things done the other way, I drew the card.

You don’t need to draw many more such cards. Soon, you will be done waiting and the time will come for action.