Charming young lady looking for friends, protector

I’m a young lady discovering the secret of London. Self assured and persuasive, I’m all about meeting other personnage in progress or already established in the society of the fallen city. Sure I would enjoy sharing some of my nightmare and love finding a shadowy partner for my Heart Desire Ambition, but simple social events, playing games, engaging in activities or who knows maybe in the matters of heart interest me as well. Please let me know in game or here if you would like to adventure with me.[li]
Elwivien, an aspiring court artist,
(presently P75, W52, S41, D17)

Young lady, there is a collection of posts here for those looking for protégés:

And to meet others in a like situation in this city, there is the Young Turks (link below in my signature). Welcome to London!
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Thank you my dear I will try my best to follow your guidance. But any social interaction either here or via message are welcome.
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edited by Elwivien on 5/15/2016