Changes to An Unsigned Letter

Hey, I just redrew An Unsigned Letter (still have Notability 4 after becoming a Correspondent), and I noticed that the old options for trading in Notability for stat boosts are gone. All I can do at this point is try to solicit a gift. I was hoping to go slip a note under the Ivory Door with my remaining points, since I don’t expect the next tier of professions to appear anytime soon. Alas![li]

I have mine Unsigned Letter and trading for stats is still there. I’ve checked the requirements, and they are as follows:
-Notability at least at 1
-Profession: Author, Murderer, Stalker, Mystic, Conjurer.
So apparently only second tier professions have this option.

That’s odd. Perhaps a new option for third tiers is in the works?

Very strange! But at least now I know that it’s directly related to the new profession. I will hold onto the letter for awhile yet, then, and see if new options pop onto it at some point. At the very least I’ll keep it around til the next time Time the Healer shows up and snatches away my Irrigo. If something appears, I shall report back.

The options are still on my card. I am currently a conjurer.

So it is still possible for the unsigned letter to show up as an opportunity card? I’ve been waiting for ages with my notability at 5, to be able to advance to midnighter, and was starting to think I need to use the Favourable circumstances option. But that’s not a requirement since the changes, right?[li]

You can still get the card.

I’m a Midnighter and I just got the card.

Ive got it three times today. It seems MUCH more common now. Before i hadnt gotten it for 3 weeks straight.

I find it weird that I’m a legendary charisma and the only thing the card lets me increase is Persuasive (even stating that being a Legendary charisma is a requirement). I find that really odd considering I can’t go above 200 in that stat, and becoming a legendary charisma requires 200. The wording on the card makes it seem like maybe this would allow me to jump above 200, but I really didn’t want to lose ALL my notability to find out. And maybe it was a glitch anyway.

(I should add that I’m a glassman, the highest possible tier of profession…tier 4, I think? And also the gift was still an option)

The Notability stat increaser option on the card does let you overcap the stat you’ve specialised in, yes, it’s not a bug.

Could one use this card repeatedly to trade notability for stat boosts? Or is it a one-time deal?

You can do it repeatedly, but if the stat is already above 200 it’s only reset to 200 + Notability. At least as far as I know.

So if I’m at 200 I could get it to 215…but if I subsequently raised my notability back to 15 and tried the same thing later, it would never rise above that number?

Could I sacrifice Notability 5 three separate times and achieve 215? Or would it just set it to 205 each time? (I suspect the latter.)

Pretty sure it’s the latter.

I can confirm that with 9 notability and a watchful of 201 using the unsigned letter set my watchful to 209. I did this just a couple weeks ago in preparation for a final sprint to Courier’s Footprint.
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Thanks all!

Before attempting this, make sure you’ve done all you’d like to in the Cave of the Nadir, because it absolutely does steal away your over-charged stat upon leaving, just the same as the other stats. I learned that the hard way and lost a level, but it seems like way too much work to get back to Notability 15 just for one lousy point that no one can see anyway.

But I know. sigh

It does warn against the Nadir on the Unsigned Message card itself…