Changes in being Arrested?

I’ve notice some changes in it from one my bottles of absolution. Can anyone please share and explain what happens now when you get arrested now?

Being arrested may raise your Criminal Record quality. The higher your Criminal Record, the more punishing the sentence and the more detrimental it is on your public reputation. Additionally, as you probably noticed from your Ablution Solution, a higher criminal record makes cleanliness less relevant in how suspicious others find you–in mechanical terms, the worse your record, the harder it is to remove Suspicion through application of soap.

I am very glad that I got my 7 chains before these changes…

I’ve also heard of something about it, something about getting the masters involved?
Know anything about that as well?

You can spend your Masters connection to avoid getting put into Prison.

Whether its worth it or not, is something to think about I bet. Thanks for the answer.