Change POSI type

When choosing which quality to adopt this advice appears:

&quotYou may select one exceptional specialisation for your Person of Some Importance quality. This will cost two points of Notability, and is only available when your base, unmodified Persuasive is at least 200. You can change it later.&quot

I would like to change. I would like to change very much indeed. Rather than being a Legendary Charisma I want, need, to be an Extraordinary Mind. For Correspondence purposes.

I cannot find how to &quotchange it&quot as promised.

I am at max stats on all qualities, with Persuasive up to 212 from Notability exchange. I am stuck at 263 Watchful with every enhancing item available to me enabled. I have exhausted the benefit of the 30+ Watchful that the Moody card allows.

Does anybody know how to change their POSI quality? Please?

With respect and grateful anticipation,


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This does not appear, for the moment, to be possible. It will likely change sometime in the near future, but for now it’s not wholly viable.
In the meantime, you can work towards your Overgoat to help with you Correspondence score!

Thank you kind sir. Not “wholly” viable? Hmm.
I have an Overgoat and we are working together to find another with a view to, er, companionship and its spoils…

Let me know when you do and I’ll update your status on the list.

Unfortunately even with an Ubergoat I had to use Notability exchange and a mood card to max my Scholar of the Correspondence. But hey, since right now maxing that isn’t good for anything, you’ve got time!

Indeed so, and that is why I wish to change my POSI type. It’s just possible by my calculations too, and just is just enough.
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It is possible, albeit difficult, to get Scholar of the Correspondence at 21 without changing your PoSI status.
I required an Übergoat, a Christmas stocking, Violant Ink or Bone Harpoon, a Watchful Destiny and a mood card.
You could probably skip the Christmas Stocking if you had a Watchful Spouse.

Not an easy haul, but it is doable.

I have the Stocking and the Violant Ink but neither my spouse nor my destiny are Watchful…am I ready to divorce? No, not yet. Destiny is fixed for the moment. I have a Zubmarine which, bizarrely, is Bizarre. Perhaps patience, and another Overgoat, will keep my attention for now. If only I could work out how to obtain the special home comforts! All Fated up and no place to spend.
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Those you can obtain around Christmas by letting a Master shovel your snow. You’ll later get an Incarnadine Robe, which lets you claim a gift. You can also get one out of season if you’re right before entering the Cave of the Nadir for the first time.

Thank you one and all. Patience it is then…

So this thread seems to partly answer one of my questions about your POSI type, and that it’s permanent. Is this correct? I’ve recently reached the part in my POSI mission where I need to choose my type. I’m still undecided. Will it have a much of an effect on future storylets and choices? Or does it not really matter that much?

That refers to Reputations of Some Importance, which require capped stats- judging by your profile, you’re probably referring to the original Person of Some Importance chain. The choices in the Person of Little Consequence storyline don’t affect anything, and aren’t even tracked; all that matters is that you’re eligible for at least one of them so you can progress from Little Consequence to Importance.
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Do you really need to choose though? I still haven’t decided, because there is no telling how costly it will be to change specialisation once that is possible. And so far only An Extraordinary Mind and A Legendary Charisma have any special use: Only the Extraordinary Mind can raise Watchful to get the top level of Scholar of the Correspondence (which in itself is of dubious benefit), and the Legendary Charisma can seduce the occasional NPC.

So I’m waiting to see what A Shattering Force and An Invisible Eminence will be able to do. (Apart from taking on protégés that is. But I don’t see how that’s supposed to compete with all the Making Waves I’d get from spending my Free Evenings on Private Suppers.)

All the normal 5-card lodgings upgrade options require a specialization.

It seems the choice cannot be changed. But that is not to say that other choices will not be available later e.g. Paramount Presence. The choice did not seem important at the time, but I now regret choosing Persuasive instead of Watchful. It probably matters not but I wish I were not so, so, me.

According to FBG, Paramount Presence is actually possible… [color=#C2B280][I’m pretty sure none of us have commented on this.][/color]

You don’t need specialisation to get the 5-card lodgings during Christmas, and it’s a lot cheaper to get them then as well, so there are good reasons to wait.

Count me amongst those who chose not to commit. I just wish they’d update the description of the options to clearly state that there is no publicly known way to change your choice. The current message can be misinterpreted to mean that there’s content that just isn’t there (or isn’t accessible).
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Not if you get them at the Wicket.

It’s much cheaper to wait until then as well.

Ah ok, I just assumed as I was heading towards becoming a POSI that this is where I made my choice. But you’re right, I’m still a POLC (for shame!) playing the Sufficient Notability card. So that choice comes much later does it? (and one you don’t even have to make necessarily?)

To become an Invisible Eminence (Shadowy,) Legendary Charisma (Persuasive,) Shattering Force (Dangerous,) Extraordinary Mind (Watchful,) or Paramount Presence (All?) you need the relevant stat to be 200 without equipment. And for the four regular ones, at least, have a specific piece of equipment, sufficient Notability, and select the relevant option from inside the “Unfinished Business” category in the stat’s starting are(Spite, Veilgarden, Ladybones Road, and Watchmaker’s Hill.)