Celebrating the 100th Exceptional Story!

The Calendar Code

“What’s this then?”
“It says ‘Masters go home’.”
“No it doesn’t. What’s the Correspondence sigil for ‘Master’?”
Correspondence1-1 ?”
“How many Masters?”
“Ah! Eleven. Plural. …”
"Now, write it out a hundred times. "

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The Heretic of Hollow Street

Work with the Bishop of Southwark to put down the new “Barber’s Blasphemy”; or work to help it prosper. Then get a new haircut at the Salon Synod.

Where You And I Must Go

One time, a man hired me to retrieve his dead son’s corpse. The son turned out to be alive…so I killed him. And took his boots.

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For All Saints from Whom Their Labours rest

Crawl inside a stained glass bee. Save 2 favours in three years time.
This story is a fan favourite!

Codename Sugarplum:

Finally, a story about my beloved pet dog!


Five Minutes to Midday

Plot with the Subdued Protestor to blow up the wiki- erm, the Brass Embassy.


The Thing that came in with The Fog

“I know I complained about the British Weather, but it’s not supposed to retaliate by eating my snacks!”

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The Blemmingan Affair

These passionate mycological lyrics,
Whose fans insist are no gimmick,
The poets’ fate is your choice,
But with detached narrative voice,
You’re free to imagine their verse as a limerick!


Sing opera with urchins,
Stand guard through the night!
The songbird is waiting,
After several strange fights.

The Persona Engine

Putting ChatGPT in charge of the government might not have been the best idea, but at least it hasn’t blown up the Neath. Yet.


Go Tell the King of Cats

The cat is, naturally, an a_____e.
Help him.
Lie down.
Try not to cry.
Cry a lot.

The Bloody Wallpaper

“I’m not getting paid for this, am I.”


But hey, you get to do a LOT of it.

Are we having fun yet?

The Bloody Wallpaper

‘This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. Either it goes or I do. Oh, G-d, it has teeth!’

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For All the Saints Who From Their Labours Rest

The road to Hell is actually paved with steamy encounters in private train cars. (Neathy priests are more experienced than you’d think!)

Written in the Glim

Oh, Starved Men being evil? They must just hate astrology, they seem generally nice. I’ll let them off this one time.

The Icarian Cup

Rule, THESUN! THESUN rules the waves! THESUN will make all of us its slaves!


The Bloody Wallpaper

In which we learn: NEVER work for an employer who demands that you sign the employment contract in blood.


Written in the Glim
Pls, help science!
Observatory and Shoshana , bad!
Me good!

I enjoyed this story especially within the context of The London Horticultural Show!

The Clay Man’s Arm
This is going to be hard!

The Sinking Synod

In which the members convene a meeting in a perfect place for Church politics–a swamp.