Caught Up in a Soldier's Heartbreaking Tale

I’ve recently had some new cards come into my deck involving Diocesan Intrigue. I’m not sure what started my drawing them. I’ve drawn several different cards and the latest one is clearly fatelocked since it requires the soul trade items. However, it also requires a quality Caught Up in a Soldier’s Heartbreaking Tale 8. Anyone know how to get this quality?

You might want to flip cards in Watchmaker’s Hill until you can meet a certain Soldierly Acquaintance. ;)

The soldier’s heartbreaking tale can be accessed at the house of chimes. You need to be acquainted with him first, of course.

Diocesan Intrigue is prompted by owning an Obdurate Stallion, which comes from the Fate-locked part of Theological Husbandry, so it’s technically an entirely Fate-locked story! It’s also one of the best ones, and, as you see, ties into both the Soul Trade and the Regretful Soldier stoyline. What you’re looking for is the meeting with the Soldier that you can have in the House of Chimes, which requires Exceptional Friendship.

Thank you, I got the theological husbandry storyline a couple weeks ago, just got the card this week. Is House of Chimes required for the whole Diocesan storyline then? If so that’s a shame then, Flute Street was my next planned route and drawing a card that’s completely useless is annoying.
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No, the Soul Trade and Soldier’s Tale are only required for that one option (well, two technically). You can still complete it without involvement in those stories.

Thanks again everyone, these were very quick replies.