Cat & Mouse w/Evasive Target: glitch?

Help! I have sought the Disgruntled Naval Officer for his half of the Screaming Map, but while successful in this venture, have been left with a &quotPlaying Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target&quot value of 1 at the end of that search. Now I am attempting the same sort of search with the Masked Clay Man (for the other half of the map) but cannot even begin the search because one needs a Cat and Mouse value of zero to get started. I have no idea how to get rid of this one leftover point from the previous search! Any suggestions??[li]

It’s not a glitch. You’re waiting for the Disgruntled Naval Officer to deliver his half. Once he does it’ll get rid of your Playing Cat and Mouse quality, allowing you to pursue the other half.

There will be a similar effect with the other targets while gathering the parts of the Screaming Map, by the way. It takes a couple of days for them to appear after you track them down, if I recall correctly.

Two days, exactly.