Cashing in on Connected: Society

I have a rather large amount of connected society I’ve been banking (nearly 300) and I have finally decided to sacrifice it in the pursuit of cider, but I’m having trouble figuring out what the most profitable means of doing so is. Does anyone know what the highest Echoes per CP option is. At the moment, I’m thinking it’s The Temple Club but I don’t know what the actual numbers on that are. The Society/Tomb Colonist conflict card seems like it might be another option. Calling in favors at the palace isn’t available because of that cough unfortunate incident of which we shall not speak. Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to convert political capital into actual capital?

Society/Tomb Colonist offers about 0.05 pence per cp. I wouldn’t know if the other cash-ins have been buffed since, but that sounds game-breakingly potent once you realize even after you count the action as 2 echoes it’s 23.6 + >0.04 echoes per 500 cp society, which is still well above 0.04 pence per cp. Which adds up to around 590-613 echoes for the connection, since the card stops appearing below 50.

I don’t know the numbers on the temple club either, but I would be surprised if it was substantially better and quicker simultaniously- but I’ve been wrong before and could be again, so If someone knows the numbers: I stand, waiting to be corrected. It probably is worth doing for the last 49- levels or so.